For fans of the first Home Alone, brands that appear in the movie are part of the nostalgia. Each year, as we see the movie, we are transported back to the Reagan era. In spite of the three decades, however, the brands are fairly consistent. The brands help define theMORE HERE

Consolidation has ruined the radio industry, destroying the legacy of generations of independent radio stations, and local radio voices. But a new (but very old) idea has come back to possibly rescue the industry. It is the advertiser owned radio station. Over a century after the founding of radio inMORE HERE

TEANECK, N.J. — As a promotion for the centennial of Walt Disney, the camera maker Leica Camera AG has released a special edition Leica Q2 “Disney 100 Years of Wonder” camera. The camera is decorated with sketches from early Mickey Mouse cartoons. The Leica company said in a press releaseMORE HERE

CHICAGO – Radio and television stations such as WDIV in Detroit are in a flurry of 75th and 100th anniversaries, as radio arrived in the 1920s and television arrived in the 1940s. These anniversaries are the perfect opportunity for legacy broadcasters to celebrate their histories and call letter equity inMORE HERE

OMAHA – Mutual of Omaha will release a new television version of the classic Wild Kingdom this January 2023. The series, subtitled “Protecting the Wild,” premieres on Jan. 2 at noon CST on RFD-TV. The series, hosted by Peter Gros, will be available for free on starting Jan. 4.MORE HERE

DETROIT – The television station WDIV will celebrate its 75th anniversary tonight with a two-hour documentary narrated by radio’s Dick Purtan, former WDIV Sportscaster Eli Zaret, and current WDIV Anchor Devin Scillian. Today, the station is taking a nostalgic tour; this morning anchor Jason Carr was on their internet feedMORE HERE

MCLEAN, Va.- The Gannett Co., Inc. newspaper USA Today will celebrate its 40th anniversary this September 15, 2022. The newspaper debuted September 15, 1982, at a time when CNN and cable were ascendant, and the home computer was still a novelty. The subhead to the paper? Via Satellite. The sloganMORE HERE