LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – It has been nearly a generation since Morton Frozen Foods products graced the shelves of grocery store freezers.  The venerable brand was phased out in the late 1990s by its current owner ConAgra after a storied 60-plus year history. This was done reportedly as part of aMORE HERE

That year, former U.S. Secretary of State Edward Stettinius dined with respected food industry consultant George Egger at Stettinius’ estate outside of Charlottesville, VA. As they chatted and ate chicken pot pie, Stettinius remarked to Egger, “You know, pot pie is the oldest of our traditional American dishes, but housewives don’t seem to find time to make it anymore. It’s too bad that some food company doesn’t turn out a tasty chicken pie.” MORE HERE

While Banquet (a former RCA subsidiary) and Morton frozen dinners were leaders, Swanson has taken the crown of being the official “retro” TV dinner. And why not? They invented the name. At right, the Salisbury Steak Dinner. Much better without the green peppers. Pinnacle Foods Corp. now owns Swanson, andMORE HERE