It’s official. We found it. The worst brand extension ever. It’s the Pillsbury Spritz Collection, on sale now at your neighborhood Dollar Tree, right between all the closeout High School Musical crap. The Dollar Tree, of course, only has closeouts and things that either didn’t sell elsewhere, or are brandsMORE HERE

Remember the Pillsbury breakfast cereal Farina, which dates from 1898? It is available at many local groceries. It is now made by U.S. Mills; their website states that the company has owned the Farina brand since 2001. It says it acquired it from Holden Foods. Cream of Wheat was inventedMORE HERE

Times are tight. Companies like Kellogg’s and Wal-Mart are doing well. These are companies that everyone, including the wealthy, flock to when every nickel is precious. Which got us thinking. What are the best brands in America that connote thrift, modesty and that all-American, Victory Garden spirit? Brands we associateMORE HERE