DALLAS – American Airlines is spinning off its American Eagle subsidiary. Last year, American tried to sell their commuter carrier, but has not been able to do it. The Financial Times reports that AA pilots are against the deal, fearing that it will only lead to lower salaries. American isMORE HERE

KANSAS CITY – Our reader Joe Vaughan gives us an update on the Airline History Museum in Kansas City. He tells us that a group of retired TWA employees and airline history enthusiasts have developed a fascinating museum at Downtown Airport. The last of the Super Constellations (“Connies“) is thereMORE HERE

JAMAICA, NY – The recent renovation of the Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Flight Center, now known as T5, was a true passing of the torch, as Ruth Richter Holden, daughter of TWA co-founder Paul Richter, flew her restored Lockheed Electra into JFK Airport for the dedication ceremony. Ruth Richter Holden, quiteMORE HERE

Ethiopian Airlines. One of the last surviving pieces of Trans World Airlines (it was once run by TWA), the African airline has survived Civil War, famine and economic crisis. But how could anything so great and so cool survive so long? The question should how could it not, with itsMORE HERE

Miss those pneumatic airline audio programs? Of course we do, though sometimes the plastic air tubes for onboard entertainment would poke into your ear if the rubber end was loose, I think. As my Very Astute Companion says, there was “the magic of being able to plug anything into theMORE HERE

Anyone who loves aviation will be happy to know that JetBlue’s restoration of the TWA Flight Center, also known as Terminal 5, is moving along nicely, and will open in the fall of 2008. The project is so close to completion that the airline has begun plugging it on itsMORE HERE