Bring Back Kraft Pizza Dinners?

We have heard rumblings from anonymous BrandlandUSA readers that Kraft Pizza Dinners from Canada are being smuggled across the border to the U.S. The apparent reason? They are no longer sold in the U.S. Sorry for the crummy lo-res jpeg at right but its all I could find. A recent post on our story about Morton Frozen Foods said:

“Can you now turn your attention to getting Kraft to return Kraft Pizza mixes to the US market? Thanks!”

We found one blogger in Canada who vouches for these treats. Blogger Passion of the Dale is a big fan. And their disappearance has been reported on the website Roadfood.

So what is the next step? Anonymous wants us to start a campaign to bring them back. Not a bad idea. In the interim, apparently the website Canadian Favourites ships them to Canadian expats in the U.S.

We are curious whether there are other fans out there.


  1. I grew up making these pizzas, they were so much fun, you could put anything you wanted on them and the sauce was good! please bring them back.

  2. I have to confess that I’m the anonymous campaigner who wants Kraft Pizza mixes brought back to the American market. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always maintained that they are far superior to the still-on-the-market Chef Boyardee mixes. So it’s a mystery to me why Kraft pulled them from the US market but still markets them in Canada.

    I enjoyed them from the mid ’60s onward and I had thought them dead and gone when the disappeared from my grocer’s shelves sometime in the mid ’80s. But thanks to the magic of the Internet I somehow discovered they were still available in Canada six or seven years ago. Now I satisfy my Kraft Pizza mix cravings by ordering six or eight from the Canadian Favourites website a few times per year. I’m willing to pay the rather hefty shipping charges, but it sure would be better if Kraft just made them available again down here south of that Northern border.

    Do you think they’re listening?

    Tom Frieling
    Athens, GA

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