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If you are anywhere near Bowling Green, Kentucky, visit the exhibition “Recommended by Duncan Hines” and the annual Duncan Hines Festival, which is Aug. 14-15, 2008. The Bowling Green Convention and Visitors’ Bureau has worked to keep the memory of Duncan Hines alive, as have folks at the Kentucky Museum (Western Kentucky University, 1906 College Heights Blvd.)

Marissa Butler, public relations manager for the Bowling Green bureau, writes that the exhibition opened last year:

“The 1,000 square foot exhibit includes 8 vignettes that tell the story of Hines’s career, from traveling salesman to restaurant and hotel critic to the pioneer of endorsements, complete with his actual stove in the center kitchen display.”

BrandlandUSA suggested last week that the Duncan Hines guidebook brand be revived by the brand’s owner, Pinnacle Foods. For details, see our post Pinnacle Bring Back Duncan Hines.

The exhibit features Hines-related artifacts along with state-of the art media tools so visitors can, according to the website, learn about Hines’ career as a writer on travel, dining and entertaining, as well as his transition to a ‘name brand’ icon and pioneer in the world of packaged food.

  • The first vignette recalls American life in the early 1900s. Along the way, visitors will be introduced to Duncan Hines, the man, with a brief biographical overview of his life, including his birth and upbringing in Bowling Green. They will learn about his family, his career and how what started as a hobby, turned Duncan Hines into an American icon.
  • Visitors will see the Duncan Hines kitchen filled with items from Hines’ own kitchen – his stove, base cabinet and kitchen sink. The cabinets are filled with branded artifacts and objects – mixes, cookware, Stetson dinnerware, and cookbooks.

If you are thinking of visiting the fine folks in Bowling Green, please visit We guarantee there is some good eating ahead! (Or maybe a tasty brew at the Bowling Green Brewing Company). For more information, visit

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