Alexander-Beegle In Virginia Beach

Wooden clothes hanger from the Alexander-Beegle store in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It’s an old brand we dredged up just for the fun of it.


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  1. I worked there while in high school, super brands and the experience f working with Mr Alexander was a wealth of sales knowledge. It was exciting to work at the beach location, but since our home was closer to the Pembroke Mall location, that's where I stayed. George was my boss there and learned a lot about folding shirts. Sold my first suit to a Army Lt. stationed at Ft Story. Must have been a hoot! A sixteen year old kid selling a Norman Hilton suit. I had joined the Air Force and had moved on prior to that working for Edgerton & Lea with Dan Ryan at the Military Circle location. But AB was always the most special. And to the person that said it always smelled good, a marketing ploy from Angie Alexander.

  2. The legendary Alexander-Beegle men's clothing store was formed with the partnership of Mr. Angie Alexander and Mr. George Beegle (formerly of Cherry-Pearson, 21st and Atlantic Ave.). The A-B store was always located at the corner of 31st Street and Atlantic Ave. I am guessing (but I should know) that the business was established in the late 50s. Reputably, George Beegle provided the clothing knowledge and Angie provided the sizzle. (Angie and his father formerly owned and operated an very upscale soda shoppe at 25th and Atlantic Ave, called "Alexander's", which was formerly owned and operated by the Forbes family of Va. Beach candy fame. "Alexander's" was located next door to the Beach theater.

    A-B was initially a men's only haberdasher, and introduced the Polo line early on in Ralph Lauren's career, but there were many fine brands carried by the store: to name a few–Gant shirting (when that brad was real quality), Sero shirting, Hilton clothing, Allan Paine sweaters, Izod's Chemise LaCoste, Majer slacks, and a full line of accessories…

    The mainstays of the business, in addition to George Beegle and Angie, were Skippy Rice and George (sorry, last name escapes me).
    Sadly, Mr. Beegle died at a relatively early age, leaving Angie to forge ahead on his own. A woman's department was established, as were satellite operations in Norfolk and on the peninsula (but none had the panache that characterized the Va. Beach location.). I believe that Angie sold the business and retired in the late 70s or early 80s., and went into the restaurant buiness. After his departure the store was unable to maintain its position as a premiere retailer. Recently, the location was demolished to make way for a new Hilton hotel complex.

    I have shopped in many fine men's clothing establishments over the years, but none seem to satisfy me, or meet my needs, as well as Alexander-Beegle.

    H Bliley

  3. Mr. Alexander, a tailor from Greece, worked with my grandmother at Norfolk's venerable Shulman's (I still have those hangers, too!) before launching Alexander Beegle. The selection there was more Eljo's than Beecroft and Bull. I still miss A-B.

  4. I had it in the closet and still use it. Great hanger and I guess it takes me back to 1970s Virginia Beach. Probably got it with a clothes discard at jumble sale at Cape Henry School or Norfolk Academy.

  5. I loved this store. One of my favorite lifeguards from the Princess Anne Country Club, Jo, a girl, worked here. So did Linda Ford, I think. Great smell inside. Expensive Brooks Brothers type clothing. I can still remember the owner's look, rotund and smiling. I loved everything I bought here. I wonder what happened to McMullin/McMullen blouses. They were beautifully cut with excellent liberty type fabric.

  6. where the $%$% did you find this?

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