BrandlandUSA’s 100 Dead Brands To Bring Back

Below is a list of the best American brands that are no more. These are but a few, but we know there are hundreds more regional and niche brands that are no more but still have a name or following. Do you have a suggestion? If so, add one at the end.

  1. Fisher Body. Every American used to look for these below the doors of GM cars. Can’t they use the logo occasionally? We know it appears on a new company that sells buses, so that is better than nothing.
  2. F. W. Woolworth. What a waste to lose this American company.
  3. Englehard Metals. Mr. Platinum, Charles Englehard, had his company closed down by BASF.
  4. Buddy L Toys. Pressed steel toys made by the Moline Pressed Steel Company might be a bit dangerous today, but hey, I am sure no worse than any other toy.
  5. International Harvester Scout. Can’t somebody make this thing again?
  6. Burroughs Computer. Made history. And now gone.
  7. Garfinkel’s. As much about D.C. as you can get in a department store.
  8. B. Altman. What a screw up that was that killed this great, stylish N.Y. department store.
  9. Hot Shoppes. Marriott started here; please bring it back J. Willard Jr.
  10. MCI. The scandal is already forgotten.
  11. Euclid Trucks. Great brand of big trucks, created a market.
  12. First Boston. A notable WASPY investment firm, much beloved.
  13. S.G. Warburg. What a great, substantial name.
  14. Dillon Read. A great New York firm.
  15. Canor Plarex. Cool raingear.
  16. Brownie chocolate drink. Better than Yoo-Hoo.
  17. El Marko indelible pens. Could have been Sharpie.
  18. Howard Johnson’s. While you can stay in the hotel, you can’t eat the ice cream in a restaurant. Bring back those perverted clam strips.
  19. Morton Frozen Foods. Love those Honey Buns.
  20. Schiaperelli. A great fashion brand. We’ve heard its back, a bit.
  21. Sea-Land. Why oh why did this not survive? We know the Maersk brand is great but Sea-Land started the category.
  22. Riggs Bank. Right on the money, one of the great D.C. brand names.
  23. Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company. Manny Hanny where are you? Certainly this might be a good brand for high end trust clients.
  24. E.F. Hutton. Still talking, but the parent company that shut it down isn’t listening.
  25. Paine Webber. UBS is fine but Paine Webber still is a household name.
  26. Enron. We admit this goes into the weird category; we wonder if it would brand some discount space heaters?
  27. Chemical Bank. Why is this great bank brand gone. WHY?
  28. Hallicrafters. The way cool World War II radio brand could have a new market with HD radio.
  29. Plymouth. Chrysler dealers would do well to have a moderately priced sedan to sell alongside their increasingly posh offerings.
  30. Romper Room. The Claster Television show should be back. NOW. Romper Stompers are still great.
  31. Time-Life Books. It’s very important to have sets of the History of America in the living room, though they Jumped the Shark when they sold that Wild West series.
  32. Oldsmobile. We want Ninety Eight. We want Delta 88. We want Cutlass. We want Toronado. We want Vista Cruiser.
  33. St. Charles Kitchens. Before AGA stoves were sold in the U.S., these were the upper middle class holy grail.
  34. Biggs Furniture. The best reproductions in Virginia.
  35. Kinney Shoes. How Foot Locker killed off the Great American Shoe Store is a mystery that will never be solved.
  36. Mister Donut. Could-a been Dunkin’ Donuts. Better than Krispy Kreme. Still sold overseas.
  37. Burger Chef. Could have been a contender. Could still be a niche player.
  38. Dr. Denton’s. The inventor of kids’ footie pyjamas deserves to be a household name again.
  39. Pan American World Airways. It lives, sort of, but Pan Am is only fun when they operate trans-Atlantic Boeing 747s.
  40. White Tower. Like White Castle, but with tiny round burgers and much more stylish architecture. Shame on Tombrock for letting it go.
  41. Decca Radar. Shame on Northrop Grumman for letting this brand of radar die. Way cool thing; it was a spin-off of the gramophone company.
  42. Studebaker. Case study on how to kill a great American company, but just because the management was bad doesn’t mean the brand was.
  43. United States Lines. Bring them, and the S.S. United States, back.
  44. Rambler. The first real compacts. Retro hip, could be America’s Mini.
  45. Addressograph Multigraph. While the Addressograph survived, it’s a great name even though the technology is not advanced anymore.
  46. Grace Lines. Luxury liners to South America could have survived.
  47. Climax Ginger Ale. Sexy name for a stodgy Richmond, Virginia ginger ale.
  48. Statler Hotels. The first great hotelier’s name died off; there is no reason why it can’t come back if a luxury hotel brand is needed.
  49. Look. Life has had a hard time returning, but we still want Look back, just like it was.
  50. McCall’s. When Rosie killed it off, Gruner & Jahr should have switched the name back to McCall’s. Shame, shame.
  51. Digital Computers. An early and great name in computing.
  52. Twentieth Century Limited. Why this doesn’t run once a week between New York and Chicago, we don’t know. But don’t sell it as a commuter train. Make it plush and streamlined.
  53. Disney’s True Life Adventures. Disney needs to go back in the lemming business.
  54. Life of Virginia. Creeps killed it off; it is now Genworth. Stupid.
  55. Wheat First Securities. Brokers used the name even after it merged with First Union because the name was trusted.
  56. McDonnell Douglas. No wonder the DC-9 stopped selling. They started calling it the MD-80 and then the Boeing 717. But it was a Douglas Aircraft.
  57. Burdines. The Florida department store deserves a second chance.
  58. Kress. One of the early chain department stores; the Target of its day.
  59. Realistic. One of the great store brands of Radio Shack. Optimus is great too.
  60. Pullman Company. The brand may have become genericized, but the concept is good. A luxury railcar that contracts with a passenger railroad.
  61. Eastern Airlines. Frank Borman, Eddie Rickenbacker and Laurence Rockefeller’s airline is missed.
  62. General Cinema. Had way cool graphics, and were pretty hip for a theater chain.
  63. Hofheimer’s. A regional shoe store based in Norfolk, Virginia; it could have been Nordstrom of the east.
  64. Eaton’s. Sears should not have killed off this great Canadian store.
  65. Mutual Radio. The original home of Larry King should come back as King’s last royal act. Re-brand a second CNN radio feed as Mutual.
  66. Esso. Exxon is fine, but a little Esso would be fun.
  67. J. Lyons Tea Rooms. Those great tea rooms of England. Not American but we love it.
  68. Furness Withy & Co. The best steamers to Bermuda.
  69. Pennsylvania Railroad. Pretty hard to bring back a railroad when some other company owns the track, but if Amtrak is pulled apart, it could be brought back like the U.K., where all the great railroad names returned after British Rail was broken up.
  70. Abraham & Straus. The great Brooklyn department store is now a Macy’s. No more.
  71. Tinee Giant. A way cool regional convenience store brand in Norfolk, Virginia, one of many that have disappeared
  72. TWA. American would do well to bring TWA back as a luxury brand, or at least keep the name alive as a commuter brand instead of American Eagle, which means nothing.
  73. Marshall Field’s. This will be a case study like New Coke.
  74. Bonwit Teller. We read that a Chicago group is working on bringing this store back.
  75. Pathé News. Fox News came back; why not Pathe? Their newsreels were synonymous with the history of the end of the Empire. Why not use the brand for a new newsgathering organization.
  76. Peck & Peck. The most special New York department chain, once an adjective, lives as a boutique or store brand at Stein Mart. It still has punch. Read our story Revived Preppy Brands
  77. Bohack’s. The New York area grocery chain once had over 700 stores across Brooklyn, Long Island and Queens. Founded by German immigrant H.C. Bohack, H.C. Bohack & Co. first opened in 1887; the chain closed in 1977. It was headquartered in Maspeth, where it had its own railroad line. While it is hard to revive a chain like this, the name would be an excellent one for a start up gourmet food line, a regional food store, a deli, a catering company or a food delivery service.
  78. Irish Sweepstakes. It might not be American, but Americans sure loved the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes. Read more at Bring Back the Irish Sweepstakes.
  79. Charles of the Ritz. Revlon purchased this brand, which was once owned by Squibb. Enjoli, a Ritz perfume brand, survived, but the full cosmetics line could have made it.
  80. Hai Karate. Our reader, Gabriel Arregui, says for someone to “please bring back Hai Karate!” He has paid a small fortune on Ebay trying to get each of the scents (Oriental Lime, Spice, Musk and original), and loved those famous ads. You can read about it on this post about Donny Deutsch and Hai Karate.
  81. Kellogg’s Concentrate. A concentrated cereal that was meant to be put on top of other cereals, but folks liked to eat it by themselves. And while they are at it, what happened to the Kel-Bowl Pack. And while they are at it, they need to reopen the Battle Creek Sanitarium for paying guests.
  82. Cape Dory Yachts. They were the first big mass producers of sailboats. While the molds have been purchased by other boatyards, that is not the same thing as having the brand back.
  83. Garfinkel’s. This was the quintessential District of Columbia society department store for wedding gifts and evening gowns. There is no reason why it is not around.
  84. British Seagull. The Austin Healy or Barbour of outboard motors. Sadly, E.U. meddling made the two-stroke engines obsolete, but there is thankfully a cult following keeping the brand alive.
  85. Klix Dog Candy. No sugar in these dog biscuits.
  86. Sylvan Seal Milk. Once a northeast brand of milk.
  87. Bond Bread. Once a sponsor of top TV shows.
  88. Cliquot Club Ginger Ale. It was made with “real Jamaica ginger.” If we brought it back, we would say that it was made with REAL JAMAICAN and let drinkers guess what it was laced with!
  89. Sunshine Lemon Coolers. Sunshine name survives on those cheese crackers, Cheez-its, but not on Lemon Coolers.
  90. Blippo Choo Choo by Remco. This toy was a sort of Super Mario looking guy who ran a train and inside, were Erector set-like building blocks for kids.
  91. Toni hair care products. While Toni Silkwave is still sold, other brands from this company, once a subsidiary of Gillette, are no longer found.
  92. Royal Drene. Won’t dry hair out! A weird sounding name, we admit.
  93. Screaming Mimi, the only toy rifle that shoots a grenade you can hear.
  94. NBC Radio. Of course, there is still an NBC radio feed, but the network could easily reinvent itself for a modern age, using new programming ideas related to NBC content. Hey GE. Get Cameron Swayze from WCBS and let it rip! There is even an NBC Monitor fan page.
  95. Great Shakes. A great product by the late General Foods. BrandlandUSA gets lots of hits of folks looking for Great Shakes. And why not the whole General Foods brand?
  96. Desilu. The Lucy hit studio. Screen Gems came back. So did United Artists. And while we are at it, what happened to MTM, the studio that produced Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart and Remington Steele?
  97. Selchow & Righter. They made Scrabble and Parcheesi. While the games are still around, we don’t see the game brand around.
  98. Rustler Steak House. And Ranch House. There are dozens of steak house brands of the 1970s. Love to visit some of them. Some weren’t that good. Others, like York, we never really knew. But Rustler? That was GREAT.
  99. Branch Cabell. One of many great regional brokerage brands. This one was from Richmond. They became RBC Dain Rausher. Frankly, we spelled RAURSHER wrong but we are so annoyed that they got rid of the brand that we don’t even care to Google them.
  100. Checker Cars. They were great cabs. And they were sensible cars for folks who had big families.
  101. High’s Ice Cream. A great brand from Norfolk, Virginia with operations in the Southeast. Had ice cream shops too. They never should have disappeared. They ought to have High’s as a regional store brand sold at supermarket chains like Farm Fresh and Ukrop’s, which are both based in Virginia.
  102. Rexall. A great brand of pharmacy. The signs are still up everywhere. Go to it.
  103. GTE. Certainly that name recognition is still there. “GEE. No G-T-E.”

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  • Garland Pollard

    J. Garland Pollard IV is editor/publisher of BrandlandUSA. Since 2006, the website has chronicled the history and business of America’s great brands.


  1. Yes, Great Shakes made a splendid at-home milkshake.
    I also miss the ‘old-style’ Wyler’s lemonade drink mix

  2. I wish they would bring back Rudy’s brand hot fries. Awesome chips from my childhood!

  3. I wish they would bring back Pizzarias. They were awesome chips and came in 3 flavors!

  4. How about Lums serving heavy frosted scooners of beer!
    Vernors ginger ale “aged four years in oak barrels”. Still available on special order but not quite the original taste (drink in glass bottles only!).

  5. I think “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” need to make a come back and long with “Hai Karate Cologne”. Thank u for u time Have a great day

  6. I forgot one, Little Debbie spice cakes, we’re like the fancy cakes made now but spice flavored. I remember them in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

  7. Original Aussie shampoos/original scent from the 80’s and 90’s. Those cheap frozen cream pies I think they were made by Banquet. Kraft egg noodles with chicken flavored sauce.

  8. Would you bring back Hot Pants Cologne? It was one of my favorites when I was a teen…40 plus years ago.


  9. Golden Fruit Raisin Biscuits by Sunshine (my favorite cookie as a kid and as an adult)

  10. Drake’s Snack Cakes, about to die.

  11. S & H GREEN STAMPS: The idea of shopping at a specific store(s) in order to build customer loyality. They also taught the prinicipal of saving something (i.e. stamps) in order to get something you want and or need! Not the instant gratification of today!

  12. Pleeeze bring back “Tickle” deodorant! That was my all time favorite, and I know many gals that feel the same as I do. I’ve looked everywhere for it and like a lot of things from yesteryear, I just really miss it.

  13. Arthur Treacher.s Fish & Chips.
    Nine Flags Men’s Cologne
    Upper 10 Lemon/Line Soda
    Luster Creme Shampoo
    Burry’s Gaucho Cookies
    Pround to say that Gino’s Fast Food Brand restaurant has been revived in Baltimore serving the famous Gino Giant hamburger,some say its better than the Big Mac

    1. Gaucho Cookies!
      I crave them whenever I hear Tiajuana Brass.
      (Methinks Proust had something)

    2. Arthur Treachers has been revived by Salvatores Pizza in Rochester NY select locations

  14. Many of the perfumes and cologns mentioned can be found in the Vermont Country store catalog. They also carry some of the shampoos.

    Bring back Charlie shampoo, Fax Factor yogurt facial cleanser, and Long and Silky shampoo/conditioner.

  15. What about the Faberge fragrances, Tigress, Woodhue, Flambeau, and Aphrodesia?

  16. Original Givenchy III Perfume by Givenchy plus the eau de toilette and bar soap;
    the “original” L’Interdit bar soap by Givenchy — the original formulas were superior to the ones produced today;
    “original” Jean Patou’s Joy Perfume;
    Pond’s Cold Cream the “original” w/o the nano/ion

  17. Deep Magic Facial lotion w/o all the chemicals; 1960’s gold dial soap formular w/o antibacterial chems;
    Vitabath green and pink w/o the chems;
    original Keri bath lotion w/o the chems;
    original Jergen’s lotion with the beautiful smell and w/o the chems;

  18. #7 and # 83 are dupes.


  19. Finance 1 of Va. Inc.
    I sure wish the bad times didn’t have to end a good thing. Many of us fell due to bad decission making outside of our Industry. Maybe one day the greed in Washington DC will end.

    Randall Hutchison
    President / Chairman of the Board

  20. Quirst lemonade drink (Remember that jingle “I feel like a Quirst”?)
    Freshen-Up Gum (The gum that goes squirt)

  21. Charles Chips–Awesome kettle-cooked potato chips. Jane Magazine–Witty, intelligent articles, celeb interviews, so much fun! Hot-n-Now Hamburgers–great fast food at the best prices..they had the best fries and double olive burgers. Also, Freakies cereal and Pacer’s Punch Chews.

  22. Would love to see Blue Jeans cologne for women (I think it was by Sheldon)from back in the 70’s back on the market. What a great fragrance that was.

  23. I would really like to see Avon bring back a delightful fragrance called “Daisies Won’t Tell.”
    It had a light floral scent, why Avon chose to discontinue it I will never understand because florals are CLASSIC. come on, avon, get on the stick!!!!!

  24. a couple of ideas, how about , wonderama, quisp and quake cereals, a&p super markets, c j korvettes department stores, aleexanders department store, and good ole seal test ice cream

  25. How about Millionaire Cologne by Mennen. Remember how your father smelled? Not only does it smell good, it brings back old, fond memories. I emailed the company that bought out Mennen. They don’t make it anymore and you can’t hardly find it anywhere in usable condition. I think it is time for it to come back.

  26. How about the hummer cars? they were great to! they were excellent

  27. Ahhhh the ol’ Burger Chef, we had one here in Newnan, Ga. many years ago. My mother was the manager and was also my very first job. Their flame broiled burgers where 10x better then BK and their fries where fresh never frozen! I know I had to put 100os of spuds in the pealer and then into the slicer, lots of work. But their fries would blow Micky D away!

  28. Why is Garfinkle’s listed twice (#7 and #83)?

  29. Don’t cook tonight, Call ”Chicken Delight”.

  30. Pacer’s Punch Chews
    Flavor Aid
    Grand Union Supermarkets
    Grand Union Brand Fudge Bars (Chocolate, Banana and Cherry, YUM)
    Fruit Brute Cereal
    Body Buddies Cereal
    Grins, Smiles, Giggles and Laughs Cereal
    Freakies Cereal

  31. Oh Yeah…
    Volcano Rocks Candy!

  32. Buc-Wheats Cereal
    Gleem Toothpaste
    Adams Sour Gum (Grape or Cherry)
    Rondo Citrus Soda
    Dolly Madison/Sealtest/Frusen-Gladje Ice Creams

  33. The Ground Round (restaurant where you could throw peanut shells on the floor and which made awesome frozen cocktails)

    Shakee’s Pizza (“At Shakee’s we serve fun, also pizza”) Marginal pizza, but showed old movies like Laurel & Hardy

    Turtle Bax jeans

    Canoe cologne (“Can you Canoe?”)

    A&P Foodstores

    Kinney Shoes

  34. Looking for Black Belt, mens cologne from back in 1968. From Leeming Division. Charles Pfizer and compnay New York 10017. Is there such a colonge or a substature? Let me know if you can. Thnk you. Have a healthy and peaceful new year. shirley

  35. Jello Instant Strawberry Pudding – Roy Rogers called it “Pink Puddin'”

    Frostee Freeze – a powder you mixed with water or milk and put in your freezer for a frozen treat

    Fizzies – a soft drink from an Alka-Seltzer-like tablet. Just add water. Morphed into Pop Rocks.

  36. What about Crosley cars? They still make the radios, why not the cars?

  37. How about Ladybug
    John Meyer of Norwich

  38. Lake Breeze Sodas – Highly-carbonated, crisp sodas in a dizzying variety of flavors in 750ml glass bottles!

  39. Eastern Airlines – Clean planes, good service, went everywhere.

  40. Continental Trailways – Spacious and comfortable buses, much nicer than Greyhound. Why should Greyhound be left to monopolize nationwide bus services?

  41. How about Steak and Ale? Bring it back!

  42. Mmm, how’s about Jello Pudding Pops, D & K stores, Darcy(cie) doll, Twin Fair dept. stores, & Prell shampoo in the tube.

  43. Things that I would like to have again:
    Sunkist frozen juice bars, Sioux City Sarsaparilla, Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy & McCrory’s 5 & 10 stores.

  44. What was the product for the cow in a daisy?


    A WONDERFUL book has been written about it — Amazon has it — oh what great memories I had going there (The bronx and Manhattan) with Mom Sylvia (coffee and Shadow Layer Cake addict) and Sis and my friends!!

    When we moved to Washington DC, Mom was so DEVASTATED at losing Scrafft’s (even though there was one in Maryland, hey Toto–we’re NOT back in New York!!), that Mom would order their coffee from New York, once a month — and when that can came in the mail, it was as if Mom had discovered the Holy Grail all over again.

    G-d bless Schrafft’s– you too Mom– I hope they have one in Heaven.

  46. What ever happened to Nine Flags Cologne??

    My fave scent was “Paris” — you could get the whole set, named after 9 different countries.

    I also liked Love Cologne. I think Mary Quant (in the Twiggy era) marketed a whole line of Love products.

  47. BTW– Cott was a NY City brand of soda.

    White Rock was great too — they too had Pineapple Soda. So Good!! I remember its thirst quenching cooolness as I drank it on a hot summer morming in our humble non-airconditioned Bronx Tenemenr kitchen. I remember savoring the coolness of the morning, the coolness and the clean smell of the white painted walls (Nonna Lucia kept the apartment spotless), and just drinking in the beauty of a School-less day in the Summer in the Bronx in 1960.


  48. Cott Pineapple Soda

    Cott Chocolate Cream Soda

    “It’s Cott to be Good!!”

  49. What about “Marathon Bar”, the caramel covered in chocolate that looked kinda like..well..DNA, I guess. I can’ t find Mr. Bubble anywhere…and I had a toy in the late 70’s called “Lemon Twist” which was a plastic lemon with a tube and you attached it to your ankle and jumped while making the lemon go under your other foot…sorta like jumprope I guess? Eastern, PanAm, Piedmont Airlines all need to return. And this is a recent one but I’m still mad at the company for doing it…Twix needs to get rid of that craptastic new chocolate cookie bar and bring back the goshdarn regular vanilla cookie!! I actually liked New Coke, but hated Crystal Pepsi. I grew up going to Burger Chef..sigh..memories. Man I’m getting old…and nostalgic! Thanks!

  50. Who DOESN’T miss Piedmont Airlines?

    1. Piedmont Airlines with logo and all! Based in Salisbury Maryland (“Eastern Shore of Maryland”). Feeder airline for Philly and other mid east coast U.S. cities. Shocked to see thier hanger there and assurances they were still in business. I was a frequent flyer with them out of Richmond VA.. THEY HELD A FLITE FOR ME UNTIL I ARRIVED!!

      1. Author

        Thanks for the notice Douglas! I will look for some photos.

  51. I agree with so many of these wishes, and also would like back…
    Halo shampoo
    Tickle deodorant
    Avon Topaze, Daisies Won’t Tell, Here’s My Heart, To A Wild Rose, Charisma perfumes,Lux soap, Tigress perfume, Schrafft’s restaurant, just to name a few more.

  52. National Airlines

    Borden Frosted (milkshakes in a can)

    Skinny Dip perfume

    Sealtest ice cream

    Korvette’s dept. store (in NYC)

    Bamberger’s dept store (all became Macy’s)

    Ideal toys

    Dimension shampoo & conditioner

    Psssssst (spray-on dry shampoo)

    Faberge Organic Shampoo with wheat germ oil & honey (you’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends and so on…)

  53. Bring back Ipana toothpaste with Bucky Beaver and all….Brusha, Brusha, Brusha.

  54. Bring back Horn & Hardart automat cafeterias. Most likely local to Manhattan, NY, but they made the world’s best cinnamon/raisin “sticky buns’, and had a very unique coin-operated distribution system for their products. The last automat, as I recall, was the one just across from Grand Central Station on 42nd Street.

    I’d like to ride the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad again, or the old Boston-Westchester RR. But best of all, I wish they would bring back street trolleys, as we used to have in my old home town before the great bus conspiracy (a pox upon General Motors and Firestone).

  55. Breck Shampoo (and the “Breck Girl” ads)
    Studio Girl Brand “Golden Creme Shampoo”
    Peppridge Farm large flat goldfish crackers
    Mothers Brand Cookies
    Milkshake candy bars
    “Lemon Up” spray on hair lightner with yellow plastic lemon shape lid
    Heaven Scent Perfume
    Yardley “Oh de London” perfume

  56. 41. White Tower. Like White Castle, but with tiny round burgers and much more stylish architecture.

    I live in Toledo, Ohio and we still have White Towers here. We have two. One located at

    1515 W Sylvania Ave
    Toledo, OH 43612

    And another which has had to be moved but will reopen soon. Read on:

    sTAY iN pEACE

  57. RE: Howard Johnson frozen products.
    America’s Kitchen who makes all the Howard Johnson’s products based in Alpharetta Ga
    has gone out of business. They closed in may. they were in debt 6 million to to over expanding. this is the second time that a plant has closed that produced theyre products. this was on

  58. Hi,
    Is it possible to buy Wolff Freres men’s cologne anywhere?

  59. Marine Dude…thanks for Cushman idea.

    I think you can actually get Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific at Vermont Country Store….

  60. Cushman Motorscooters. The Cushamn Eagle. What a great fun scooter to ride. Side shift and pipes on side. Made you feel like you were a big bike rider. Plus these little scoots had just over 5 brake hp to get you down the road. Its a sin this company fell in the sink. They still make golf carts I think.

  61. What about “Gee your hair smells terrific” shampoo. There was also the wonderful green herbal essence shampoo that had the lady on the front of the bottle. The new herbal essence is nothing like the original. I wish they would bring that back. I really loved “Koogle” peanut butter as a kid and “Funny Face” which was way better than Kool-Aid.

    1. Vermont Country Store ztill sells it. Google it.

  62. Department/Dime/Discount Stores: Robert Hall, Thom McAn, Levine’s, Mott’s, Gibson’s Discount Center (the name lives on at a store in Weatherford, TX) .Some of these are definitely regional to TX.

  63. Tandy Computers

    Micronta clocks



  64. I would like to see Kraft Fudgies.

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