A List of American Pickle Brands

Pickle Packers InternationalWASHINGTON, D.C. – Can you say Pickle Packers? If you need pickles, the group Pickle Packers International keeps track of all the pickle brands across the world.

At right, a children’s coloring project from the site; it has lots of kids items they can print out to color or do it in an online application.

Many readers come to this site, searching for a Madelyn or Madeline-brand pickles. They were crunchy and crisp and sweet rather than most of today’s recipes.

Everyone has their own preferences, but luckily there are dozens of brands around the world, all selling different versions of these vinegared cucumbers.

Classic Vlasic pickles.

The list at I Love Pickles is more complete than below, and regularly updated. They keep a full list of pickle brands by name, including international brands and regional brands.

Here are a few brands from their list:

  • Acadian 337-394-7112 LA, USA
  • Aeschbach 024/468.50.00
  • Aigle, Switzerland
  • Agribaja 646.177.4026 CA, USA
  • Allen’s Barrel Cured 516-676-0640 NY, USA
  • Aristocrat 61 029 417 1231
  • Arnold’s (no number) WI, USA
  • Atkins (no number) WI, USA
  • Aunt Jane (no number) WI, USA
  • Aylmer (Canada) 450.435.1974
  • B & G 973.401.6500 NJ, USA
  • Ba-Tampte 718.251.2100 NY, USA
  • Bautz’ner 089/61 102 106 Unterhaching, Germany
  • Best Maid 817.335.5494, bestmaidproducts.com TX, USA
  • Bick’s 905.940.9600 Ontario, Canada
  • Big Papa 920.478.2144, www.vanholtenpickles.com WI, USA
  • Big Value 989.754.4721, hausbecks@usol.com MI, USA,
  • Bond 920.834.4433 WI, USA
  • Bush’s Best (Sauerkraut) 865.588.7685 TN, USA
  • Cajun Chef 337.394.7112 LA, USA
  • Capco (no number) WI, USA
  • Cates (no number)  WI, USA
  • Chenango-Delicut 800.255.7288, readpack@adelphia.net NY, USA
  • Claussen 815.338.7000 IL, USA
  • Cool Crisp 810.359.7680 MI, USA
  • Columbia (no number) WI, USA
  • Coronation 450.435.1974, ghenry@nabisco.ca Quebec, Canada
  • Cortland Valley Kraut 715.752.4105 WI, USA
  • Crown 856.969.7100 NJ, USA
  • Dailey (no number) WI, USA
  • Deans (no number) WI, USA
  • DeGraffenreid 417.862.9411 x24, degraff@jldpickle.com MO, USA
  • Del Dixi 817.335.5494, bestmaidproducts.com TX, USA
  • Del Monte 450.435.1974, Quebec, Canada
  • Develey 089/61 102 106, Unterhaching, Germany
  • Devil’s Fire 952.448.2612 MN, USA
  • Don Hermann & Sons 330.527.2696 OH, USA
  • Durach 089/61 102 106, Unterhaching, Germany
  • Edible Pickle Works 718.251.2100 NY, USA
  • ESG (Ever So Good) 714.895.9661 CA, USA
  • Evangeline 337.394.7112 LA, USA
  • Everybody’s 91 80 55 22 010, koeleman@bgl.vsnl.net.in Bangalore, India
  • Farman’s (no number) WI, USA
  • Felix (Finland) +358 2 410 414, Turku, Finland
  • Felix (Sweden) +46 413 65 000 Eslov, Sweden
  • Flanagan Krrrisp Kraut 715.752.4105 WI, USA
  • Freestone 269.427.7702, freestonepickle@freestonepickles.com MI, USA
  • Frenzel’s 089/61 102 106, Unterhaching, Germany
  • Garden State 856.964.1083 NJ, USA
  • Garlic Gus 920.478.2144, jploc@vanholtenpickles.com WI, USA
  • Gattuso 905.940.9600 Ontario, Canada
  • Gedney 952.448.2612 MN, USA
  • Giuliano 714.895.9661 CA, USA
  • Goldin 972.272.1111, Goldpickle@aol.com TX, USA
  • Green Boys 626.855.2717 CA, USA
  • Green Valley 920.834.4433, JP@KellyPickle.com WI, USA
  • Greenhouse 32 53 78 89 89, Belgium
  • Grey-Poupon 024/468.50.00, Direction@Reitzel.ch Aigle, Switzerland
  • Habitant 905.940.9600 Ontario, Canada
  • Hausbeck 989.754.4721, MI, USA
  • Heifetz (no number) WI, USA
  • Heinz 616.396.6557 MI, USA
  • Hengstenberg +49 711/39 29-3-15, Esslingen, Germany
  • Holiday, Holiday Royal, 269.427.7702, freestonepickles.com MI, USA
  • Homade 323.223.1141, a1pickle@earthlink.net CA, USA
  • Hot Mama 920.478.2144, WI, USA
  • Hugo Reitzel 024/468.50.00, Aigle, Switzerland
  • Jerry’s Best 91 80 55 22 010
  • K & Z 856.964.1083 NJ, USA
  • Kelly 920.834.4433, JP@KellyPickle.com WI, USA
  • King David 920.748.7110, AZ, USA
  • Klein’s 602.269.2072 AZ, USA
  • Koeleman 91 80 55 22 010, koeleman@bgl.vsnl.net.in Bangalore, India
  • Kosciuszkowy (no number) WI, USA
  • Kringles 516.676.0640 NY, USA
  • Kruger 510.782.2636 CA, USA
  • Kuehne 040 85305206, Hamburg, Germany
  • Little Pepe 920.478.2144, WI, USA
  • Lowensenf 089/61 102 106
  • Ma Brown (no number) MN, USA
  • Mancini, Zolfo Springs, FL
  • Mautner Markhof 089/61 102 106, Unterhaching, Germany
  • Maxs 413.665.7011 MA, USA
  • Max’s 952.448.2612 MN, USA
  • McLarens 905.940.9600 Ontario, Canada
  • Milwaukee’s Wiejske Wyroby 856.969.7100 NJ, USA
  • Mor Annas +46 413 65 000 Eslov, Sweden
  • Mrs. Neushiuns (no number) WI, USA
  • Mt. Olive 919.658.2535 NC, USA
  • Nalley (no number) WI, USA
  • Old Country 61 029 417 1231, N.S.W., Australia
  • Pantry Shelf 91 80 55 22 010, koeleman@bgl.vsnl.net.in Bangalore, India
  • Paramount (no number) WI, USA
  • Peppers 905.940.9600 Ontario, Canada
  • Peter Piper’s (no number) WI, USA
  • Pick-Pack 973.401.6500 NJ, USA
  • Pickle Fair (no number)  WI, USA
  • Pickle King 61 029 417 1231
    info@fawcett-bros.com.au N.S.W., Australia
  • Pickle O’Pete 920.748.7110 RPI@VBE.COM WI, USA
  • Pickle Pick-Ups 952.448.2612 MN, USA
  • Pickle Planks 952.448.2612 MN, USA
  • Pickle Time 269.427.7702, freestonepickle@freestonepickles.com MI, USA
  • Pickles 905.940.9600 Ontario, Canada
  • Picnic 905.940.9600 Ontario, Canada
  • Pilgrim Farms (no number) WI, USA
  • PIK-L-GIANT 972.272.1111
  • Po Polsku 920.748.7110 WI,USA
  • Polar Pak@ 516.676.0640 NY, USA
  • PRIMO 450.435.1974
  • Rainbo (no number) WI, USA
  • Regina 973.401.6500 NJ, USA
  • Reine de Dijon 089/61 102 106, Unterhaching, Germany
  • Roddenbery’s (no number) WI, USA
  • Rose 905.940.9600 Ontario, Canada
  • S.V.Z. 31 76 5049314, hans.valkenburg@svz-nl.com Etten-Leur, Netherlands
  • S=O 81 3 3288 1181 Kagawa-Ken, Japan
  • San-Del 973.401.6500 NJ, USA
  • Schwartz (no number) WI, USA
  • Sechler’s 260.337.5461, dsechler@sechlerspickles.com IN, USA
  • Shell Bei 330.527.2696 OH, USA
  • Silver Floss Kraut 715.752.4105 WI, USA
  • Silver Star 972.272.1111, Goldpickle@aol.com TX, USA
  • Snackers 952.448.2612 MN, USA
  • Specht 089/61 102 106, info@Develey.de Unterhaching, Germany
  • St. Joe Valley 260.337.5461, dsechler@sechlerspickles.com IN, USA
  • STAR 52 312 316 0700, gbrun@brunfoods.com Colima, Mexico
  • State Fair 952.448.2612 MN, USA
  • Steinfeld (no number) WI, USA
  • Strub’s 519.751.1717, arnie@strubpickles.com Ontario, Canada
  • Stueber 516.676.0640 NY, USA
  • Sugarloaf 413.665.7011 MA, USA
  • Summer Kitchen, 920.834.4433, JP@KellyPickle.com WI, USA
  • Talk O’Texas 915.655.6077, tot@wcc.net TX, USA
  • Trappey 973.401.6500 NJ, USA
  • Van Holten’s
  • Victor Kraut 715.752.4105 WI, USA
  • Vlasic 856.969.7100 MI, USA
  • Warsaw Falcon (no number) WI, USA
  • Whitfield (no number) WI, USA
  • Willies 800.255.7288 readpack@adelphia.net NY, USA
  • Willie’s 519.751.1717, arnie@strubpickles.com Ontario, Canada
  • Willy’s 905.836.6532, Willyspickleproducts@bellnet.ca Ontario, Canada
  • Windsor 952.448.2612 MN, USA
  • Wisconsin Pride 920.748.7110, RPI@VBE.COM WI, USA
  • Woodman’s 905.940.9600 Ontario, Canada

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Pickle Packers International, Inc., 1620 I St., NW, Suite 925, Washington, D.C. 20006 or visit I Love Pickles


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  1. These are homemade sweet pickles, my mothers recipe. I have been trying to get them out to the public and it is a real battle.
    If you want to order some, I will do my best to ship to you! They are put up in Quincy, Il. 62305

  2. These are homemade sweet pickles, my mothers recipe. I have been trying to get them out to the public and it is a real battle.
    If you want to order some, I will do my best to ship to you!

  3. Best Maid Dill Pickles are the closest I have found.

  4. Seems many want to find Ma Brown Pickles. A search for them brought me here. Grew up with them in Jackson, MS from the A&P Grocery. I have to get Kroger brand now – similar in taste but lacking in quality.

  5. I cannot find Heifetz sliced pickles anymore. Are they discontinued? From Missouri.

  6. I live in Mobile Alabama and would love to know if anyone has found a replacement for Ma Brown pickles.

  7. Where can I find the Wiejske Wyroby pickles near Toms River, NJ I’ve been looking everywhere No more in Costco and the Sams club that I drove to in FREEHOLD nj (50 miles) didn’t have them either contrary to the advertisements. So where are you hiding my favorite pickles? GOTTA HAVE THEM!
    Please reply

  8. Does anyone know where I can buy Cates pickles or what happened to them?

  9. I would love to find a source for Whitfield’s Candied Crispy wafers or strips.

  10. In reference to Madolene pickles-My father use to make Madolene pickles and bought the recipe from a Mrs King. He packed them in Norfolk, VA on Tidewater Dr beginning about 1948-49. He out grew the plant and the pickles were then made by Hurlock Pickling Co in MD. They were bought out years later and the company stopped making the pickles. However my father still owned the name and receipe and sold them to Valsic Pickle Co in the 70’s and they after a few years stopped making the Madolene line.

    1. I bought several never used Madolene Pickles glasses years ago from an estate sale in Petersburg. They are so wonderful! Thank you for posting this – it’s been so tough finding any information.

  11. Glad to hear you liked Ma Brown Pickles.
    I grew up eating them, nearly every lunch and dinner. I think Dean Foods owns, but has shelved, the label. Van Holtens still making pickles–they were contemporaries of my Gramps who made the Ma B. pickles. Van Holten pickles are available at Sears and Sam’s Club and other places.

  12. Any update on Wiejske Wyroby pickles? I also bought them @ Costco and ate the last one yesterday? I live in the Chicago area. Thanks!

  13. We had been buying the Wiejske Wyroby pickles from Costco both in Nevada and Texas but Costco seemed to stop carrying them a few months ago. I just finished our last jar today and I’m desperate to find another source, and not Sam’s because we don’t do Walmart! Hopefully I can find them somewhere…have they gone out of business?

  14. I also would love to find Wiejske Wyroby pickles in Central Florida and am having no luck. I love that pickle.

  15. Also have been looking for MA BROWN pickles…grew up in NOLA and never had anything but MA BROWN DILLS. Would love to hear if someone found a substitute.

  16. I need some help from all you pickle lovers out there. Many years ago I remember a SWEET pickeled onion – NOT a cocktail onion – and were about the size of an olive.
    I seem to remember ‘Daily’s’ (sp)? on the label but I’m not sure. My mom could’nt keep enough of them on hand.
    I need some help – I’m having withdrawl symptoms !!!

  17. I am searching for Ma brown’s Dill Pickles. If they have been baught out who sells similar now?
    Growing up in New Orleans Ma Brown Pickles were just the best. Havent seen any for so long and would love to come across they once again.

  18. Wiejskie Wyroby Petite Pickles can be had at BJ’s Warehouse in Upstate NY. Great stuff.

  19. Used to love Farman’s pickles but they are not as good as they used to be, the last jar that we bought was full of grit and sand, I understand that Bay Valley Foods bought them and outsourced them, thats to bad for our farmers and the people who love pickles.

  20. Hi – to the lady looking for Madeline pickles, I have drinking glasses from Madolene Pickles. After a bit of research I found a patent for Madolene Pickles in 1922 – the company was registered in Newport News, VA. The glasses are wonderful, with pickles worked into children’s nursery rhymes and illustrated with pickle characters.

  21. Bernice and Van,

    I grew up in New Orleans. The only pickles we had were Ma Brown. I haven’t been the same since they disappeared.

    However, I found a pickle which is nearly identical to Ma Brown. The brand is Cajun Chef. They are made in St Martinville , Louisiana. The Rouse’s Grocery stores carry them. The Cajun Chef pickle I”m referring to is the Cajun Chef “Kosher Dill” pickle. Rouse’s doesn’t stock this certain type but they can try to order if for you. You can also contact Cajun Chef at their web site.

    1. Try Wickles dirty dill.

  22. I used to buy Warsaw Falcon pickles…can’t find them anywhere in town at any store. Did they stop production on this great product? Please tell me it isn’t so!!

  23. Wiejske Wyroby pickles can be found at Hammann’s catering, deli and butcher shop here in Fairfield, OH. Having some of the petit dills right now.

  24. Found Wiejske Wyroby pickles! BJ’s Wholesale Club in Norfolk, VA. I agree they’re awesome… tried them for the first time today!

  25. Van,

    I bought a jar of Winn Dixie koshers, and I’m still mourning Ma Browns. To me, Winn Dixie’s taste nothing at all like them.

    The search continues …

  26. would love to find Max’s kosher dill pickles; they were the best. Any ideas would be welcome

  27. would love to find WIEJSKE WYROBY PETITE DILL PICKLES I live in florida

  28. My husband just called me about a radio station that was talking about Wiejske Wyroby pickles. We would not eat another brand, until we were unable to find them. I bought them at Tom Thumb in Dallas, TX. I would love to find them again.

  29. WIEJSKE WYROBY petite dills used to be carried by Costco but have disappeared there too. I believe they were manufactured in Texas.
    “I Live Pickles” and other web sites no help in finding them. Any ideas??

  30. What happened to Wiejske Wyroby petite dill pickles? They used to be carried by Sam’s Club. Now I can’t find them anywhere. They are American made. Help!!!!! They are also wonderful.

  31. My husband and I are trying to start a pickle canning business. We also do Jalapenos, I assure you that these are very delicious sweet pickles. We have our own unique recipe for the pickles, Jalapenos, and also Tomatoe relish. We just don’t know how to distribute them to the public. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  32. There used to be a Farman’s Pickles from washington state. The website takes you to dean foods, however they do not have the brand. I understand the factory is now overseas but where are the distrbutors? I appreciate any help you can give me. thanks Kim Sipper

  33. What have they done to Mrs. Neushiuns Pickles. For years and years these were the best tasting pickles and now for the last 3 or 4 months they have changed for the worst.

  34. Have you received any responses? It seems that somewhere along the way Dean Foods Company must have purchased the brand, probably as a part of a larger deal, and discontinued Ma Brown Pickles. It truly breaks my heart: they were the best pickles ever made! Winn-Dixie Stores’ own brand of kosher dill pickle is the closest I’ve found, but I don’t believe you have W.D. Stores in Texas. I would appreciate you sharing anything you hear…
    “vanbenfran@aol.com” (Van from way down yonder in New Orleans…)

    1. Yes, please share any info about similar pickles. Ma’Brown shut it down when the founder died about a decade ago. Pickles just have not been the same for our family!

  35. Where can you buy Ma Brown pickles? I live in Carrollton, Texas (Dallas). I used to get them all the time at Wal-Mart. Or, a pickle like these.

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