Nice New Store Brand at Walgreens

20111228-170419.jpgDEERFIELD, IL – Walgreens has a nifty new store brand for store-branded groceries. It’s called Nice, and it tries to take a snazzy approach to the basics, including coffee, rice and the like.

Notice it’s “TM” rather than “R” on the packages. Interesting choice of a very generic word for products.

Do you like Nice?




  • Garland Pollard

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  1. What they don’t tell you is they have changed the size of many items originially sold under the “Wallgreens” brand.

    Small indivdual bags of Nuts is a prime example -all sizes across the board are now 1.5 oz. when in the past, sizes ranged from 1.5 to 2.75 – all at the same price ($1.25 or 2 for $2.00)

  2. It’s” nice” to enjoy your posts again, Garland. So “R” would be a registered trademark. What’s the deal with “TM”? Does that afford less protection against infrigement?

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