History of Mason Pearson Brushes

British Mason PEarson brushes LONDON – Funny how a small, old brand can captivate a current audience. Such is the appeal of Mason Pearson brushes. In many cases, brands such as Mason Pearson just disappear, with the company shutting down production and at best, farming out production to Asia, and at worst, shutting it all down altogether.

This did not happen with British brushmaker Mason Pearson, a favorite brand of preppies and style conscious folk in the U.S. and other Anglophone  countries.

Mason Pearson, who apparently worked at a company called British Steam Brush Works, was an inventor in what became known as Raper Pearson and Gill. In the late 19th century, Mason Pearson invented a machine to mechanize brush production

In 1885, he invented the rubber-cushion hairbrush. Today’s design is remarkably like the old, and have minor improvements, all in the same sizes of Large Extra, Small Extra, Popular and Junior.


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