The news on RadioShack Corp. is not good. Sales are down in the current quarter by 15 percent, and the Fort Worth, Texas retailer has closed hundreds of stores. Wall Street has all sorts of answers for why this Corner Electronic Geekfest Gathering Spot is failing, and they wonder whyMORE HERE

What do Cheryl Lynn, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Ralph Stanley and Tony Bennett have in common? It’s Columbia Records, one of the greatest brand names in record history. Columbia, like all the record brands, is having a very long-playing spin these days, and it isn’t happy. Each record brand hasMORE HERE

If the 1950s were the Golden age of TV Dinners, the 70s were the Golden Age of Frozen Food. Brands like Banquet, Swanson, Morton, Birds Eye and Stouffer’s were actually thought of as luxury items, not the Lazy-Parent-Also-Ran dinners of today.MORE HERE

Some stores are brand archeology exhibits. While we love Vermont Country Store, of course, the best is Walgreen’s if only because it is usually next door, and has prescriptions and film. The store itself is proof that providing odd, seemingly outmoded products for strange, unfashionable consumers is quite a profitableMORE HERE

Are Howard Johnson’s subliminally seductive clam strips returning to a hotel coffee shop near you? Could it be that HoJo has momentum?We talked to the editors of, the website that tracks all things related to Howard Johnson under the banner “Serving up Warm History of an American Icon.” ItMORE HERE

While Woolworth is still alive in Mexico, Bahrain, Oman, South Africa, the U.K. and Germany, Americans have had to go to eBay to get anything related to Woolworth’s. And that’s not only a pity, it’s a lost opportunity for struggling Foot Locker, the company that killed the brand off inMORE HERE

If ever there was a reason to stick with a strange logo no matter what, take a look at this Nabisco logo, pictured above. It is from the side of a warehouse in Pensacola, Florida. It works. It describes the Six Rules of Company Brands. The company brand is anMORE HERE

There are great game show brands, mostly show names. The one in the news now is The Price Is Right. Everyone loves the show, and CBS even sells licensed product merchandise to go along with the show. But what made the show great wasn’t just the host, Bob Barker, itMORE HERE