While its a smidge too late to affect the decision now, Northrup Grumman ought to use the Grumman name (old logo at right) to sell its new tanker program to the Pentagon. Here is the issue in a nutshell. Boeing and the Pentagon got together to put together a dealMORE HERE

Got an itch for Gold Bond? Jim Cramer does. CNBC Mad Money host Cramer likes the maker of Gold Bond powder, the ever-growing consumer products company Chattem, or CHTT. Chattem, founded in 1879 by Zeboim Cartter Patten, takes nearly dead brands or declining brands and rebuilds them. Chattem was mentionedMORE HERE

Iconix Brand Group Inc., the folks who own lots of good brands (or at least London Fog), are hiring four to lead the development of this growing intellectual property, licensing and fashion company. Most interesting potential is Carolyn D’Angelo, who will have the opportunity to oversee Fieldcrest, Cannon and RoyalMORE HERE

While we have a certain nostalgia toward old spice containers, the new promotion for McCormick has BrandlandUSA intrigued. For anything that asks the average kitchen warrior to dissect the packaging of a spice container has to be good. McCormick’s premise is simple. The spice you might have in the kitchenMORE HERE

The brand licensing company that brought Candie’s back will now own some of the greatest linen, home and bath brands in the world. New York based Iconix Brand Group Inc. (Ticker ICON) announced Oct. 3, 2007 that it had purchased Official Pillowtex LLC, the licensing company that owns the towelMORE HERE

What’s next, Lotus 1-2-3? In late September 2007, IBM announced that it would bring back the Lotus Symphony brand. Lotus Symphony was one of the first MS-DOS based office suites. IBM later acquired Lotus. This software, however, runs on open source, the Open Source Sun software called StarOffice. The goodMORE HERE

So another brokerage brand is about to bite the dust; this time it is St. Louis-based A.G. Edwards. It is part of a long line of regional brokerage names and banking names that have disappeared in recent years. Paine Webber. E.F. Hutton. Warburg. First Boston. Butcher & Singer. Chemical Bank.MORE HERE

It’s about time that McDonald’s stopped running away from what it is. A new set of “I’m loving it” commercials details the career of Karen King, who worked herself up from swing manager at the chain. We all might laugh about McJobs, but the reality is that a lot ofMORE HERE

In our modern age, one of the biggest legacies we will leave is our products and services — the thousands of consumer items and corporate names that run through our lives: the Ukrop’ses and Capital Ones, the Reynolds Wraps and ChapSticks. Those names have evolved through the years. Indeed, theMORE HERE