The Australian bank Westpac is apparently considering to use a predecessor bank name as a separate online brand to help lure deposits. Reviving a brand online is one that is gaining increasing currency in an Internet age. Even retailers are doing it, the best example being the British version ofMORE HERE

In The Wall Street Journal this morning, in an ad for Wachovia’s merger with Wells Fargo, the A.G. Edwards logo is prominently displayed as an equal to Wachovia. The ad is called “The Wisdom of Age. The Strength of Experience.” It cites Wachovia and A.G. Edwards’ combined 120 years ofMORE HERE

There are the crashed financial empires of today, and the crashed empires of yesteryear. Each generation leaves its famed financiers. A forgotten tycoon is Lytton Financial, which was a high flying savings and loan company. Its founder, Bart Lytton, looks right out of the “Mr. Drysdale” California of the 1960s.MORE HERE