We heard from the Woodbine blog a question about brands that might be able to be revived, but be online only. The Woodbine Blog, part of the snazzy little Woodbine Agency in Winston-Salem, asks the question: Q: In the absence of any offline marketing support — no print, no TV,MORE HERE

PORT WASHINGTON – Systemax Inc. (NYSE: SYX) said that it will purchase selected assets of Circuit City’s e-commerce business for $6.5 million in cash plus a share of future revenue generated utilizing those assets over a 30 month period. This is smart. Please read our old on the issue fromMORE HERE

RICHMOND – So Circuit City is in trouble, and the press is reporting that the company has days to either be purchased, or liquidated. We can’t predict what will happen. All we know is that we went int o the Sarasota store today, and there were customers. That might showMORE HERE

Radio Shack, Reuters reports, has had an excellent quarter, in a time when other retailers have not. Wow. But let’s digress into nostalgia. It’s much more fun. As a child and as a devotee of brands, I shared a love (and frustration) with the Radio Shack (NYSE: RSH) of theMORE HERE

I was talking to a lower-level Circuit City exec in Richmond, Virginia, around 2001-02. He had just left the company. He shall remain nameless, mostly because I can’t remember his name! Wait, back on subject. So I am chatting with this fellow, and ask about the Alan McCullough era atMORE HERE