Can a Brand Live Online Only? Of Course.

Circuit City Brand lives againWe heard from the Woodbine blog a question about brands that might be able to be revived, but be online only. The Woodbine Blog, part of the snazzy little Woodbine Agency in Winston-Salem, asks the question:

Q: In the absence of any offline marketing support — no print, no TV, no event sponsorship, no direct mail, no new products, nothing outside of activity in the digital space — can a struggling or dead brand be brought back to life? With all the communication pros piling on social media, it begs the question, especially for those of us in the brand-revitalization arena who are charged with finding the right media vehicles to turn a brand around.

A: Actually, we can see a few that are trying, including the online-only Circuit City. In addition, there is the British online version of Woolworth’s. Anderson-Little is also being launched online. And numerous print publications are going online. We also know of some local small stores that have shut down, and only exist as small online shops.


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