PARIS – The International Herald Tribune has a redesign. Thankfully, the 122-year-old IHT, owned by The New York Times, has been able to keep a separate identity, though seems to be looking more and more like the New York Times, and staffs are now pretty much merged together. A newMORE HERE

SEATTLE – So, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is up for sale, and if no one buys it, the paper will turn into an Internet-only newspaper, or so says Hearst.Hearst has owned the paper since 1921, and made a lot of money off of it for years, though they say that recently,MORE HERE

Download Our Free White Paper Imagine your city without a daily paper. Newspaper publishers, editors, managers and owners are worrying, not only about having to lay off staff, but who will cover the community in a meaningful way. In Economics 101, it’s the classic “free rider” problem. Who will attendMORE HERE

BOCA RATON – The weekly newspaper known for stories of aliens, Elvis and the like is coming back to life. A group of investors will revive the Weekly World News title, according to the Palm Beach Post. The company American Media Operations Inc. sold the title of the late newspaperMORE HERE