The United States once had dozens of pencil manufacturers. Among the better known was the Union Pencil Company Inc. of New York, also a maker of erasers. The Union pencils, first an independent company, became a sister pencil product brand and sub brand of Eberhard Faber of Brooklyn. The UnionMORE HERE

HOBOKEN – Newell Brands, formerly Newell Rubbermaid, owns an astonishing array of classic brands. For those of us who like these classics, they are the owners of American crown jewels. These include Sunbeam, Shakespeare, Blue Diamond, Oster, Coleman, Sharpie, Rubbermaid, Elmer’s, Rawlings, Elmer’s Glue, Ball jars, X-ACTO knives, Crock-Pots, DymoMORE HERE

Classic pencils are often overlooked. We all remember brands like Venus and Eberhard Faber, and can sense that feeling of a well-sharpened pencil. But many of the brands and individual pencil models have been forgotten; we forgot how the pencils looked. Not only that, but we tend to buy theMORE HERE