The Dodge Dart will return next year; see for pictures and information about the January 9, 2012 “reveal”. Based on an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, it is truly a sportscar, and bears no resemblance to the original. Nevertheless, the return is good news. Because through the years, one niche that ChryslerMORE HERE

DETROIT – It’s a shame it takes an Italian company and an old rap star to see the value in Detroit. But that’s what is mightily apparent with new Chrysler 200 advertisements, which feature Eminem and the tagline “Imported From Detroit.” The commercial has had 4.8 million view on YouTubeMORE HERE

General Motors thinks it has killed off the Pontiac. And what a brilliant move that is. Let’s see, you need to sell MORE cars cause your company is broke, and you cut out yet one more product line? And then cut out even more dealers? Thankfully, though, the brand willMORE HERE

We know that CAFE fuel standards are the culprit in killing off bigger cars in the U.S., but its manufacturers who are responsible for killing off the word STATION WAGON in their marketing. And so, brands like Volvo and Volkswagen now own the upper middle class consumer. We found aMORE HERE

TULSA, Okla. – Elvis’ Plymouth might still be alive, and  you can buy it. The Dan Kruse-Leake Collector Car Show & Auction will kick off their first auction in San Antonio’s Alamodome with a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda thought to be purchased by and titled to Elvis Presley. It is believedMORE HERE

Racing Brand Revival Targets Niche Buyer TURIN – Fiat has brought back the Abarth brand, and cars are being delivered to the U.K. this month. Abarth, a sub-brand of Fiat (BIT: F), is one of many car brands that have returned to life in Europe in recent years, including Mini,MORE HERE