am not sure whether copper telephone wires will survive, I am sad about Kodachrome and I wonder about the revival of vinyl records. Will newsweeklies make it? Not sure why they should, but they can if they aren’t as boring as Newsweek. And the video store? Well that’s sort ofMORE HERE

Some headlines from the world of branding: Adweek reports that Brink’s home security will change its name to Broadview. Brink’s, the armored truck company, spun off it’s commercial and residential home security business last year, giving it three years to change names. We thought the old one was fine, butMORE HERE

TAMPA – There are a handful of places associated with cigars. The geography of cigars includes the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Cuba, Connecticut and Tampa. Tampa is synonymous with cigars, mostly because of the name Hav-A-Tampa, made by Altadis USA. However, there are real cigar companies still in Tampa. If youMORE HERE