The Classic Himmel Ads

For people who love classic advertising, there are few commercials more irresistible than the TV ads of The Himmel Group. While Himmel Group is not well known, its former brands and ads are.

There is that Doan’s Pills “back” and the Porcelana lady. Brands associated with Himmel over the years include Porcelana, Ovaltine, Gold Bond, Topol, Lavoris, Bromo Seltzer, Cuticura and Compoz. We have heard the commercials so many times that they are second nature to us.

The company now has put many of the classic commercials of Himmel Group online on their snappy website. The website would make for a perfect class lecture for Advertising 101. Himmel Group has a smart take on television advertising. Don’t try too hard to be clever. Instead, show the product, and tell the benefits of the product. Then, try to show the commercial as many times as possible.

In this day of the web, Himmel Group has discovered something else; companies really ought to have all of their advertising online, for the public. Very often, it is fans who have to post old advertising. What if companies instead went into their archives, digitized all this stuff, and posted it online.


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