Serv-Agen Makes Some Serv-A-Gravy

CHERRY HILL, N.J. – While big brands have taken over most grocery shelves, there are some classics that still manage to make it on major grocery store shelves.

Take the case of Serv-A-Gravy, a product of the Serv-Agen Corporation of Cherry Hill, N.J. Made right outside of Camden and Philadelphia, it’s proof that the independent brand and company still has a place in the nation’s food chain, all at 1200 S. Union Avenue. It reminds us of that great time when New Jersey was like China, and they made all sorts of cool things there. Especially things like Serv-A-Gravy, with a chef on the front!

There isn’t much information on Serv-Agen or Serv-A-Gravy on the web, except we could find out that the company except that their website says that: “Serv-Agen has been serving Cherry Hill, New Jersey and the surrounding areas since 1936. Through our quality products, attention to detail and prompt service, we have built a solid reputation of customer satisfaction.”

It’s made of simple ingredients, including flour, salt, caramel color, corn protein, onion and celery power and other spices.

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There is room for niche brands and niche companies. While it is hard to get on the shelves at Wal-Mart and Target, many grocery store managers at traditional supermarkets have leeway in what brands they can stock in their stores, if there is sufficient demand. Small niche brands with no advertising and promotion still have a chance if they have loyal audiences.

Editor’s note…there is no contact information available.


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  1. I am looking for Lem and sev gravy mix please let me know how I can get them Have been looking for them for a long while only products that my Mother used
    Thank you

  2. Looking to buy Serv-A-Gravy in Rockland County, NY. Any ideas where to purchase?

  3. I have used your turkey gravy for many years and love it. Unfortunately, Acme, where I always purchased your product, doesn’t carry it any more. I live in Abington, PA. Where can I purchase it?

    Thank you.

  4. Love this gravy. Have been using it for years. When we retired to NC I would buy in quantity when we went back to NJ to visit. Am saddened to hear that the company closed. Would also be interested if anybody found a replacement for the gravy. Best one I ever used. Loved it cause it tasted good and was fat free and low on sodium.

  5. I am so upset that Serv-a- gravy no longer exists. I have been using it for decades. It is so delicious, pareve, and I’m distraught that I will no longer be able to buy it.
    Can anyone recommend another brand that makes such a good product? It must be kosher and parve for my family

  6. I just went on the internet and it said they are permanently closed. Very sad as I have been using serv-a-gravy since my mom used it growing up and since I’ve been married. Now I have to find another pareve gravy.

    1. I, too, am so upset that Serv-A-Gravy is no being produced. Were you able to find another brand of kosher/pareve gravy that will measure up to Serv-A-Gravy? I don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t find a substitute.

  7. I love your Serv a gravy always bought it a Shoprite Lyndhurst nj
    They haven’t been stocking it for some time now please help

  8. Down to our last box and can’t find it in any store. Bummed out

  9. I have been using your turkey serve a gravy for over 20 years. I cannot find it in the stores. I have even checked Amazon. Help “ Thanksgiving is coming and I need your mix. My family always tells me the gravy makes the meal.

  10. My local ShopRite doesn’t have it anymore. I have only 1 envelope left. Sad really cause the canned and jarred stuff is awful.

  11. I cannot find Serv-A-Gravy in any of the places I used to buy it, especially ShopRite. I can’t live w/o it, please bring it back.

  12. For several weeks I’ve been trying to get a few flavors of Serv A Gravy at my local IGA supermarket. All I could find was turkey. I spoke to the manager of the store today. He said the company has gone out of business. The phone number of Serv-Agen is not in service so I guess that confirms it. We have been using this gravy for decades. Sorry to see it go because it’s the best!

  13. I have been using the Serv-a-gravy (brown mix) and love it -only place could find it was Shop-Rite and it seems they are fazing it out – they only had a few on the shelf (turkey mix) for the last few months. Where could I buy it?


  15. Love serv-a-gravy, since moving to FL had to have friends bring it down or order online. Please make available again. love it

  16. How can I ord beef and turkey serv-a-gravy? I can no longer find it on market shelves. HELP!!!

  17. I am wondering if you will ever be bringing back LEM pie filling. It is the best and nothing else comes close. I am sad I will not be able to make pies this holiday season with it

  18. Can I order direct on line

  19. I buy serv-a-gravy (brown gravy mix) up north when we visit and can’t find it in Florida. It is the best and I use a lot of it. Where do I buy it or how do I order it on line?
    Please advise – I’m using the last pack today. I live in Boynton Beach Florida 33437
    Thank you

  20. I have’nt been able to find serv a gravy since our Super Market closed in Mildord. Can you tell me of another store we can find it Thank You

  21. help!!!!!!I have searched every where in s.w.Florida for Lem & serv-a-gravy to no avail….I am 70 yrs old and have used them all my life like my mother before me..please let me know how I can obtain them,short of going back to N. J.
    desperate in S.W. florida

  22. These are the best gravies on the planet, …and vegetarian. They stopped carrying it in our local supermarkets. I still have a couple of boxes left and was starting to panic, but finding this message board was of great help. Thanks so much everyone for your help

  23. LEM Pie filling is made by Serv-Agen Corporation.
    The Morrison Division
    1200 S. Union Avenue
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
    (856) – 685 – 7946
    I have been looking for this in my local stores and have not been able to find it. I happen to have a box in my pantry, and this was the information for the company. I found the correct telephone number for company here, online. They have a answering machine for after hours where you can leave your information and hopefully they will return your call. From what I understand, they will ship their products directly to you. That is what I gathered from other people who have left comments about their products. Good Luck! 🙂

  24. We received your gravy at our local food pantry and it has no expiration date on it. How can we tell if it has expired? UPC: 0-70092-02900-5, Code: 9092006, 9308014. Please help me. We really need the food at our pantry, and we sure could use the gravy for our guests. Thank you, Betty Mahon

    1. It’s a powdered gravy mix unlell the seal is broken on a package it will stay fresh for years. I and my grandparent they turned me on to serv-a-gravy after I was born 56 years ago, as soon as I was able to eat solid food. For over 2 years I have been looking for the gravie here in Philadelphia, and in NJ. Serv-a-gravy can’t be found in any supermarket I have been in. And I was in a ton of them looking for the product I couldn’t find it in any supermarket, or Walgreens, or any other store that would carry gravy’s. Even specialty stores that any fine restaurant would use to pick up fresh produce and gravy stock, or just gravy’s that you can make or add for that certain taste you only get from a product like Serv-a-gravy. So I’m going to try to call the phone number they gave in this report and pay whatever they want to have 100 or more bags shipped to me. It just has those certain flavors you can’t find in any other gravy.

  25. I am complaining about Lem pie filling. Twice it was rancid,had a bad taste. Will you please put a date on the box.

  26. We just heard from the company, and will soon get an item up about the brand, and Lem pie filling.

  27. Does anyone have a telephone number or a e-mail address or a street address and a POBox address for serv-a-gravy thank you.

  28. We have heard from a number of readers who are still looking for the gravy. If anyone knows of a store that carries the gravy, please email and help these readers out.

  29. For years my Mother and I have been using this gravy mix, now all of a sudden, I cannot locate it at the markets that I would purchase it from. HELP!!!!!!!! We love this gravy and Thanksgiving is coming soon. We need turkey gravy mix as well as some of the other flavors. Where can we get the mixes?

  30. Where can I buy your Serv-a-gravy (pareve) in the Chesterfield (St. Louis), Mo. area? Thank you.

  31. I have a call from a user who cannot reach their telephone number. Does anyone know how to contact Serv-Agen? If so, please leave a comment after this one as to the correct telephone number.

    Fans want to know!

  32. I tried to call the number listed below, and a message comes on no longer in service..
    I purchased serv a gravy and only received two (2) envelopes not 3

  33. im wondering if u still distribute LEM having a hard time finding it

  34. After finding your site and the contact info for Serv-Agen, I just got off the phone from their corporate offices. AWESOME people to deal with. Since I cannot find their product near me (I live in north central Florida)they are willing to ship to me. I wish I had known this sooner!! I have traveled literally a couple of hundred miles looking for these gravy mixes. They come in 5 flavors: beef, beef with onion, chicken, turkey and mushroom. By the time I’m through, we will be swimming in gravy!! Happy, happy, happy!

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