CHERRY HILL, N.J. – LEM is a special kind of lemon filling, found in select grocery stores and specialty food shops. Made by Cherry Hill, N.J.-based Serv-Agen, it is quite different than your regular pie filling. It was originally called Mrs. Morrison’s LEM, and was a “one-line item” company. ItMORE HERE

CHERRY HILL, N.J. – We heard last week from Charlie Slade, of the company Serv-Agen. We are a big fan of the product, as are many. But it has become harder and harder to find at stores. Good news. He called to give us an update on the brand. TheMORE HERE

There is an old Sesame Street song called “L is Such Pretty Letter.” It is either sung by Grover or Oscar the Grouch. One of the lines is: L, Linoleum, Listen to Me. ‘Cause “L” is such a pretty letter..” The song came back to us when we were readingMORE HERE

While big brands have taken over most grocery shelves, there are some classics that still manage to make it on major grocery store shelves. Take the case of Serv-A-Gravy, a product of the Serv-Agen Corporation of Cherry Hill, N.J. Made right outside of Camden and Philadelphia, it’s proof that theMORE HERE