Appetites Love Ranch Style Brand Beans

Way cool brand on the shelves at Albertson’s. It’s a 15 oz. can of ConAgra’s Ranch Style Brand Beans. The SKU has been on the shelves of American supermarkets since 1935.

Here here for ConAgra, keeping an old friend on the shelves! The product is labeled Con Agra Foods Inc., Dallas. They make different varieties, including Ranch Style Beans with Jalapenos, Ranch Style Beans with Sweet Onion, Black Beans, Pinto Beans with Jalapenos, Premium Pinto Beans and Blackeye Peas.

According to the ConAgra site, the Ranch Style brand traces its origins to a commissary established in 1872 in Denison, Texas. Comments below define some of the history.

“Ranch Style Beans’ versatility has endeared them to generations of bean lovers, including the rich and famous. Elizabeth Taylor, Humphrey Bogart, and Grace Kelly have ordered them. According to local lore, Ranch Style Beans were served at President Lyndon Johnson’s ranch on many occasions.”

Got to love the quote that says the guy on the front of the can, at left, is Appetite Pleasin’.

Unfortunately, the cans used to say Husband Pleasin’, which is funnier.

Editor Note from 2021: The product is still on the shelves, but some believe the formula has changed. See comments below.


  • Garland Pollard

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  1. Where are you people getting political correction to blame for a slogan change in the 80’s? Might I remind you that Ronald Reagan was President and he was just a very educated trump. The “obey” was taken from most wedding vows not because of political correction but out of a need to stop arming stupid people. Husband was likely dropped to appeal to both sexes. You idiots that mentioned homosexuals, if the weilded that much power, maybe ignorance in our country wouldn’t be looked at as something be proud of or brag about. The Holy Ghost became the Holy Spirit as well. Things change and even though I am not a person of faith, thank God they do.

  2. Used to be “Husband Pleasin’”. My older brother, Mike Windsor, designed the logo.

  3. Waples-Platter had it’s beginnings in Denison, TX. They were headquartered here for many years. They were here when the idea for the Ranch Style Beans were thought of. Hey Bev, that is sacrilegious to put beans in the chili. You surely can’t be a true Texan.

  4. I’ve been eating Ranch Styes since the early 50’s
    For the last year or so the quality has sufferedsauce weak/strange dark beans mixed in, etc.

  5. My favorite beans are the ones in the red sauce with jalapenos. I do not like the ones in the pink sauce with jalapenos. How do I tell them apart? The cans look identical to me.

  6. I think the taste of ranch style bean is great..It’s unique and affordable….

  7. Ranch style beans were invented by E McKee. He was a laboratory food chemist and a shareholder and officer of the Waples Platter Company which also owned the white swan products brand. The company as based in Fort Worth Texas until its sale in the early 1980’s.

  8. Waples-Platter/White Swan had an office in Richland Hills where my mother worked in the 50-60’s. I am afraid I can’t remember the man’s name but he was an officer there and he invented the famous and delicious Ranch Style Beans. My mother said that he would carry his lunch in his dress coat pocket– a sandwich with no wrapping–not sure I would have wanted him to share his sandwich with me but he sure hit the mark with the Ranch Style Beans–have loved them for a long time.

  9. I’ve been making and enjoying Bean Dip made with your beans since the early 60’s. My Dad taught me that one in Big D! Thank you for keeping it real and the memories alive. We are even using the ranch style bean dip as a spread on one of our Legendary , and very popular, Club Sandwiches! Thank you all for helping us “build it” in Texas!

  10. These are great and make the best chili!

  11. why did ya’ll stop making your ranchero beans and will you ever make them again. I used to by them by the case.


  12. gee matt you don’t sound far from joe, like pot calling kettle black

  13. It’s basic marketing, narrow market (women buying beans for their husbands) to broad market (all consumers of canned beans).

    I was saying it’s funny you think the reason for this is because of, your words, “the homosexuals”. Joe, you are disconnected from reality. Do not pass go. Do not collect $500.

    I avoided outright calling you a biggot, but hey keep it up. It’s pretty funny watching you go like this.

  14. Hey Matt, Its sounds like queer pleasin is just your game.

  15. Yeah Joe, probably those damned homosex-shuls!

    Couldn’t possibly be the fact that “Husband Pleasin” on the can clearly is directed at a housewife shopping, and they’re not the only ones who do shopping these days. One phrase is targeted at a specific consumer, the other applies to anyone with an appetite. Maybe it pleases the wifes appetite too, ever think of that?

    Or maybe you force your wife to do everything for you while you sit at the computer and try to connect a can of beans to some kind of homosexual agenda in your redneck head.

  16. No matter what Con Agra says now “Ranch Style Beans” were originally and for decades canned in Ft Worth. Way back when I could still work I was a truck drive and delivered the raw beans to the plant there from Nebraska, forty-four thousand pounds at a time


  17. Before we all became so politically correct guy who now says “Appetite Pleasin” said “Husband Pleasin”


  18. Too bad they caved in to be politically correct in their advertising. I suppose the homosexuals (or whatever) found it offensive. Nevertheless, the beans still taste good.

  19. They used to be “Husband Pleasin'” until the 80’s or so. I love them!

  20. Garland,

    I buy Ranch Style Beans all of the time. They are my favorites! Great post!

    Bunny Tomerlin

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