Bring Back Sealtest Milk. Yes. Of course.

Since the advent of hormone free milk, new national brands of milk have been established. That’s great. And it proves there is a market for national brands.

But there are some great milk brands that should have survived. Brands that would be PERFECT for marketing this new wave of milk. Like Sealtest.

Sealtest was such an important national brand that it had an ice cream parlor in Walt Disney World. The company also sponsored national network broadcasting, including the 1950s Sealtest Big Top show, which starred Ed McMahon (hey, he needs some work these days). It had a health theme, with Sealtest Bodybuilders for boys to emulate. It even sponsored a 1939 pavilion at the Flushing World’s Fair.

The brand was a sister brand to Breyer’s, and had associations of quality. Today, Sealtest Milk survives in Canada, but has disappeared from the shelves in the U.S. That’s too bad. Please bring it back. Below, an old commercial.


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  1. As a child, I recall Sealtest milk and ice cream being a part of our lives, a big part. My dad was a loyal and dedicated Sealtest Milk Man beginning in the 1950s until he was laid off without much notice in the 1980s when I believe it was Kraft that purchased either the entire company OR only the Landover, Maryland operation from where Dad had worked. I remember him being devastated, as it was quite a shock. He was in his fifties when this happened and didn’t know what to do from then on. He eventually recuperated and found his energy again, became a driver for a new bus system in Alexandria, Virginia called “Dash”. At least one of Dad’s brothers also worked for Sealtest as a Milk Man, and their father had previously worked for another Dairy named the Thompson Dairy, in the area of Alexandria, Virginia. After Dad was laid off from Sealtest, we boycotted Sealtest and Kraft products from there onward.. That was a family effort as well, and extended to hundreds, if not thousands, as it was a huge family. Dad was one of ten and his Dad was one of 17, with hundreds of cousins, etc.., not to mention the very large families of grandma and mom as well.

  2. Work for Sealtest Milk in Nashville Tennessee for 8 years in the 1970’s. Great Place.! Hated to see the close the doors.
    I really miss it.

  3. please bring back SEALTEST ICE CREAM where is nothing like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sealtest was the best milk ever, plz consider selling once again in America. There is not one company on the market who’s milk can compare to your product. Sealtest was in a league all by itself !

  5. Walmart sells blue bunny. The first time I put the spoon in my mouth of Vanilla my Taste buds said Sealtest. As a kid I’ll never forget that taste.


  7. my dad retired after 30 years @ Sealtest in Winston-Salem, NC, it became Kraftco
    before he retired. Just recently bought 2 pints of Sealtest whole milk in Glendale springs NC. Was so pleased to see the LOGO again…..

  8. We sold our milk exclusively to Sealtest.
    Any milk that tested positive for antibiotics was rejected, just like it should be in all of our markets, today! Great company.

  9. The only buttermilk I could drink weekly. I have tried many options..but that was my comfort and answer to calcium. Nothing compares.

  10. PLEASE BRING BACK ICE MILK!!!! that’s the best stuff EVER!!!!!

  11. I have old Sealtest News magazines. What can I do with them?

  12. We sell sealtest milk in the grocery store i work at in mid georgia.

  13. were can I get sealtest cottage cheese

  14. The Sealtest Ice Cream was here in the 80’s, maybe the 90’s. That would be great if it was on shelves here inAmerica.

  15. My grandfather Maurice Roth was the last milkman to retire with his horse,they worked for years together the horse knew the route,he would walk along and stop at the houses he knew my granddad would get the bottles from the back…My grandfather told us about all the stocks he bought for sealtest,we looked for them for years that is something I would love to know if anyone could help me with….

  16. Sealtest Heavenly Hash ice cream was the best. I’ve been looking everywhere for it lately. Nothing out there now compares. I can’t believe it’s been gone so long. I wish we could bring it back.

  17. Hi-

    We bought the old sealtest dairy and rehabilitated it 5 years ago. We kept the sign and have had peole donate old bottles and other items which are going on display in our new conference and training center opening in July 2015. If anyone wants a tour to bring back memories, contact us. We repurposed the old landmark and it is just beautiful.

  18. I also remember Sealtest milk and ice cream. Remember Sealtest checkerboard ice cream?

  19. I worked for Sealtest/Kraft/Breyers for 27 years 1967-1994 until Unilever right-sized me. I was tickled to learn today that Milkco in Asheville is still bottling the brand. I guess Good Humor/Unilever actually owns the brand name now. Sealtest made a lot of great dairy products way back when, and I still miss them.

  20. I wish I could get sealtest milk at my local store its really good even the fat free

  21. Sealtest Lemon Chiffon was delicious! Where can I find some near Atlanta, GA?

  22. Actually, Sealtest is alive & well in Northwest NC, courtesy of H & S Dairy of Mt Airy, NC, 27030.

  23. My parents had Waple Dairy innTyrone Pa. Besides bottling milk under our name we handled the distribution of Sealtest ice cream products in the Tyrone area. Eventually, we stopped bottling milk and then distributed all Sealtest products until we ceased business in 1960. The processing plant that provided us with Sealtest products was located in Altoona, Pa. Can’t believe that the company is still not around. Bring it back.

  24. My parents had Waple Dairy innTyrone Pa. Besides bottling milk under our name we handled the distribution of Sealtest ice cream products in the Tyrone area. Eventually, we stopped bottling milk and then distributed all Sealtest products until we ceased business in 1960. The processing plant that provided us with Sealtest products was located in Altoona, Pa. Can’t believe that the company is still not around.

  25. Please bring back Sealtest dips!!!! I’ll pay anything!!

  26. I am 55 and i grew up with sealtest in millwakee i even had the privlage of taking atour at the plant ,i still remember everything and i was only 7 . But i will never forget it. O long for an ice cold glass of milk!!! Please come back. For my kids and grandson. Thank you so much. Dion from stlouis.

  27. Wish that Sealtest would be packaged and brought back onto the market. It would sell and those of us who enjoyed it would have it again.

  28. I grew up eating Sealtest cherry ice cream bars when we went on vacation in Canada. They disappeared in the 1980’s and I miss them so much.

  29. They still sell Sealtest milk here in Pittsburgh.

  30. I miss Sealtest ice cream, in heaven there will be plenty of it, i am sure. please bring it back!

  31. I love and miss Seal test Ice-cream, all brands. So good and delicious ice-cream. Please bring it back to Cleveland.

  32. Does anyone have any recollection of Sheffield Farm Milk sold in the New York Metro area? The company was “absorbed” by Sealtest in the late forties. Thanks for any help.


  34. There has never been an ice cream as rich, smooth and dense as Sealtest. I suspect it was real cream and eggs that gave the vanilla it’s yellow richness. Breyer’s has the smoothness but not as rich a flavor. Other brands are “icy” with water crystals, weak and have a relatively imitation flavor. SEALTEST, I MISS YOU! (I miss Isaly’s too.)

  35. I also worked for sealtest ice cream in the hartford ct market and I worked for tip top bread rember them both great places to work

  36. I really miss the light & lively vanilla ice milk. It’s a fond memory of growing up. Wish they’d bring it back!

  37. i think its sad how so many great products have went by the way side.
    sealtest products,borden milk,omar bakery,charles chips,three wheeled ice cream carts,street venders selling hot tomales,man with pony taking pictures of children.
    ‘thats my take on it”

  38. i think its sad that so many great brands of food and drink,have went by the wayside
    sealtest products,borden milk,omar bakery products,charles chips,three wheeled ice cream carts,and street venders selling hot tomales.
    a man named povinelli driving a truck around town.
    he sharpened knives.
    thats my take on it

    myron ray

  39. I have not had milk that taste as good as Sealtest. Why did it disappear from our dairy department? Please bring it back to the Fairview Heights and O’Fallon, IL area. It was the best milk. Please don’t change the recipe and make it taste different.

  40. I miss that creamy taste of their vanilla ice cream….

  41. I too worked at Sealtest in Nashville Tennessee until their demise in 1983 when they were bought out by Malone and Hyde food distributors. A Great place to work with Great People! I miss those days…

  42. Sealtest…Heavenly Hash Ice Cream the best ice cream ever!!!

  43. I sure with they would bring back Sealtest French Onion and Sealtest Clam Dip! They were the best. Nothing like it anywhere.

    My parents and I used to eat it nearly every week for Family Night. Can’t get it anymore. 🙁

  44. We would like to put together a BIG Sealtest get-together, good time bash for all of the people who worked for them (my Dad being one of them, 33 years) RSVP with your ideas.

  45. I’d kill for the ice cream…it was just so good…it had a lightness that I really enjoyed. Probably air pumped in! But their flavors were spot on. Sitting here, I can literally remember how terrific Sealtest Chocolate tasted….another brand that got axed via mega mergers! (don’t recall if it was Unilever or Kraft that killed it! I think it was unilever–which owns Breyers)

  46. I wish Sealtest Milk & Icecream would come back.
    It was always my Favorite. I was raised on Sealtest Light milk 1% It was always the best. Wish it would come back. Thank you , Cecilia McAteer


  48. I’m having a serious craving for some Sealtest chocolate chip ice cream. Nothing they sell in the stores today even comes close to the creamy taste of that vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips mixed in. Please bring it back.

  49. i had always liked sealtest ice cream i wish they bring it back to wisconsin

  50. Sealtest had the best french onion dip, if I could buy bulk online I would.

  51. I bought 6 of your eggnog products and all had a very spicy taste to them and it was awful,were they overseasoned,I need to be reimbursed seriously.

  52. I grew up on Sealtest & we had it delivered to our house. My mom, my aunt & one of our friends worked @ Sealtest for many years.

  53. I worked for Sealtest/Kraft for 25 years in Miami. The benefits from that job we’re so gooood! Unable to located in Florida these days. The premium ice cream cakes were to die for!!!

  54. My dad delivered Sealtest Milk for around 20 years to houses and stores. He delivered milk for 35 years. I helped him deliver milk when I was young and cherish those memories.

  55. no they rnot any good every time i buy choc. milk of there brand it is roten or no goood . tirede of wasting money on them !!!!!

  56. When I was about 3 or 4 my Papa-Don took me to the opening of a Sealtest franchise in Roanoke, Va. That was about 48 years ago. Sealtest had the bast French Onion dip I have ever had. Sure wish I could get some today.

  57. Sealtest was my favorite milk when I was a child. It had a special taste that was so good…no other milk had it. I have found a milk that has that “taste” and it is called Promised Land. I find it at Harris Teeter here in Nashville, TN.
    Ice milk is probably what “lite” ice-cream is now. I much preferred ice milk to ice cream as a kid.
    Someone mentioned the Lemon Chiffon…now that did bring back memories! It was so good. If they would bring Sealtest and Light n’ Lively back, they would make a fortune on nostalgia, alone!

  58. Light N Lively Ice Milk was my treat while on
    Weight Watchers many years ago. That’s
    what helped me stay on my diet for a whole
    year. Miss it terribly. Where can we get it,
    or something comparable?

  59. i remember ice milk also, although i’m not sure what the difference was between nice milk and ice cream – is it so simple as one used milk and the other cream?,… if so, why isn’t any company making ice milk today (Or are they?), since you would think it could be produced and sold more inexpensively and i remember it being at least equal and perhaps superior to ice cream…

  60. My grandfather owned a Sealtest distributorship. I grew up eating the serving size containers of ice milk. He had the little wooden, flat spoons that came with it. It was treat we always look forward to when visiting his house. What a wonderful memory. I would love for Sealtest and that terrific ice milk to come back!

  61. t’s true, I was flying though Toronto’s airport in December and saw Sealtest Milk at one of the food courts there. Memories came flooding back of growing up with Sealtest milk and ice cream…maybe it will make a comeback in the USA.

  62. I grew up drinking sealtest milk and eating their ice cream. I would like to advertise its product here in the dallas/ft. worth, texas area because i do not see it or heard of it in this area and i have lived here over twenty years. Please e-mail me to let me know what you think of this idea.

  63. Sealtest…Mmmm…”Ice Milk”…Unique, Creamy, Delicious, “Ice Milk”! I Miss It…NOTHING Like It…Nowadays, Everything Is Artificial & Full Of GMOs…I Remember The Patchworks Too! Never Had The Chance To Try Lemon Chiffon Or French Pistachio…

  64. That was suppose to Mothers father

  65. My gradfather (my moyhers father) was plant manager in Worcester, Massachusetts. I remember when he worked there, he reired in 1958.

    1. That was the best ice cream ever, today this day, there’s no other ice cream can top sealtest ice cream.


  67. Sealtest is NOT dead in the U.S. Someone I know who lives in Northeast Tennessee (Tri-Cities area) has seen Sealtest milk at Ingles and Food Country USA.
    The name is owned by Asheville, NC-based Milkco, Inc.

  68. Bring back the Sealtest Light’n Lively Neopolitan ice milk.

    1. Yes, it would be so nice if they would bring back sealtest ice cream…one of the best ice cream, EVER! Still to this day, there’s no other ice cream can top sealtest ice cream.

  69. Yes, bring back the Sealtest name in the USA! My father worked for them from 1950-1964 – great quality products and good people behind them.


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