Grapette, A Great Brand Strategy. Drink Some.

It looks like Wal-Mart has become the museum of Great American Brand Names. Need a Vassarette undergarment? There it is, on the shelves, just like it’s 1942!

For the last four years, Wal-Mart has sold Grapette soda. It sells the soda as a sub-brand of the Sam’s Choice store brand. This is a win-win for both. Oldsters in search of memories and young hipsters in search of a cool old brand can buy it for the “Grapette” nostalgia and feeling. Meanwhile, all the rest of us cheapos just buy it because it is cheap but tasty soda water. Look on their website at It has a great animated bubbly grape water design. Even better, Grapette can still sell its regular, non-Grapette soda without the Sam’s Choice logo.

Grapette existed for years, but was forgotten. All the while, its logo and icons lived on in antique stores, country roads, eBay, old magazines and the like. Perhaps the best place to find old brands is restaurants; Cracker Barrel and any bar or restaurant that puts up old advertising signs on the wall is a place to find forgotten names.

Are you a retail company that needs some unique store brands? Want some ideas of brands that need a second life? Look at our list of 100 Brands to Bring Back. Or just poke around BrandlandUSA for some ideas. We wonder. Where is Brownie drink? Where is Climax ginger ale?


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