Briefly: Jenny McCarthy for Kids Toys?

Jenny McCarthy for Kids Toys?

Has it come to this?

Perhaps we shouldn’t begrudge anyone making some jack on licensing their name out, and we are happy that a Friend of Hef is now known as a protective mom in some circles. In America, that’s progress.

According to Brandweek‘s Becky Ebenkamp, the former Playboy bunny and MTV hostess Jenny McCarthy will launch the brand Too Good by Jenny, in conjunction with the firm Brand Sense Partners. The line will include toys, bedding apparel, textiles, cleaning products and such. McCarthy made news when her son was diagnosed with autism, and she has crusaded on the issue of safe toys (and against MMR vaccinations) ever since. It will be interesting to see what companies want the association. (And for the record, discouraging immunizations for children is not “Too Good.”)

Any company that dares to sell a “Too Good by Jenny” binky will certainly get a free promotional mentions on Jay Leno!

Quips a Branding Guru Friend: “Jenny McCarthy and non-toxic toys – yes, of course a natural fit, you say.  B/c she has plastic in her boobs, lips and other areas? It’s nice she’s thinking of this for kids, but it would be better coming from a more credible source.”


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