NEW YORK – The Topps Company will team up with the nostalgic action figure company, Mego Figures, will feature exclusive action figures of some of the licensed characters from Warner Bros, DC, MGM and Fox sold by Mego. The action figures, available exclusively on, will include additional newMORE HERE

UNC Sports licensing

Some licensing news from the press services from across the branding world including University of North Carolina, Cummins and Sotheby’s: DAS Companies Inc. of Palmyra, Pa. will license the Cummins Inc. brand in retail locations across the U.S. DAS sells an extensive portfolio of more than 12,000 products to retailersMORE HERE

DieHard, the former Sears brand, is back at Advance Auto stores across the nation. A DieHard commercial ran on the recent Packers/ Tampa Bay game, taking characters from the original Die Hard movie, and reprising them in an ad with original stars, including Bruce Willis. The plot begins with JohnMORE HERE

ATLANTA – We caught up with licensing expert Pete Canalichio to answer a few email questions about the current licensing climate. BrandlandUSA: What opportunities are companies missing in the licensing of brands? Canalichio: The biggest opportunity in my opinion is that there are so many companies out there with greatMORE HERE

LONDON – The Brand Licensing blog of Adam Bass of London reports that his company, Golden Goose, is licensing the imagery and icons of the London Fire Brigade. This is fascinating, as there are so many municipal fire, police and rescue companies that have long histories, and not just inMORE HERE

CLYDEBANK – O.K., so there’s Fox, Coke, Ford, Ritz, Pledge, Simply Orange, Herbal Essence and the Kodak Theater. But what other brand was on the first outing of this season’s American Idol? It is Radio Clyde 261. Randy Jackson was wearing a Radio Clyde 261 T-shirt through the first PhoenixMORE HERE