Verdier, the New Westfalia

Verdier Microbus

We love the new Verdier, created by Canadian industrial designer Alexander Verdier. It’s a non-VW Microbus, all solar, with every sort of whiz bang. Totally off grid, except that it runs on a bit of good ole petrol, as it’s a hybrid.

The only thing not granola about the Verdier is the price, which is $129,000. Orders are being taken, even though it won’t be available until 2009. It’s a heck of a lot more interesting looking that VW’s new Routan, which debuted this September with hot-mama Brooke Shields as spokesman.

Frankly, we wish the Routan had a bit more VW Microbus in it. We miss the microbus, and never got over the Vanagon.

The designer has hopes for two more versions of the car after the first release. Here are the versions planned:

  • SOLAR POWER (High range) Target price. $ 69,000 US Caravaning and traveling
  • AIR POWER (Mid range) Target price. $ 38 000 U.S. Day to day family van with the deluxe windows roof top .
  • GROUND POWER (Base model) Target price: $ 26 000 US Utilitarian, commercial and delivery van.

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