Prairie Belt, Tasty Smoked Sausage

Prairie Belt, Tasty Smoked Sausage

Cousins to Vienna Sausages, but darker? Try some Prairie Belt Smoked Sausage! In case you didn’t know or can’t read, the serving suggestion on the front shows that the sausages are best eaten on a plate, stacked. Thank you for that.

The sausage is distributed by Castleberry’s Food Company from Augusta, Georgia. We found this gem of a food product on the shelves of a Dollar General store in Sarasota’s Gulf Gate area. Dollar General is a genius font of beautiful old brand names. They also sell big brand names, but have gems like this Prairie Belt sitting on the shelves.

Did you know these facts about Goodlettsville, Tennessee-based Dollar General? We pulled it from their site:


  1. I have been trying, trying and trying to find this Prairie Belt Smoked Sauasge Packed in Oil, That is the way it use to come packed. Please e-mail me any information you have on where to abtain this item. Any infomation you might have will be a big help. My parents are 81 years old and love these and I am trying to buy a couple of case for them for X mas

    1. Sold all over Eastern North Carolina. Dollar Generals and Food Lions and Piggly Wigglys here. Very popular among the farmers, hunters, and fisherman in the area.

  2. Patricia — I found them at a Dollar General store here in Sarasota. They are made by Castleberry Food of Augusta, Georgia. I would ask at your local Dollar General.–Garland Pollard, Editor

    1. Hi,
      I went on the Castleberry’s website, did a search for Prairie Belt, then Smoked Sausage, then the UPC Code; I can not fine anything.. Who manufactures Prairie Belts Smoked Sausage??
      Thx. W.G. Davis

  3. i have been trying to find these sausage in the big cans like they used to come. if anyone knows if they still make them in this size please let me know.
    bill in mississippi

  4. I just want to ask a question. What happened to the oiled sausage that Prairie belt used to make?I can’t find it any more so i assume it was discontinued. If it is still made I would like to know where to get it. Thank You.

    1. Plz let me know allso!!

      1. Sold all over Eastern North Carolina in Dollar Generals, Food Lion, and small country stores. Popular among the farmers, hunters, and fisherman in the area.

    1. Loved them wheh i was young

  5. I know where these are made. We just ran a bunch of 5 oz. Prairie Belt this week. We have been making a bunch of the 9 oz. lately, as well. From what I understand, the 9 oz. size is sold mostly in the South.

  6. We had a reader from Mississippi asking for the LARGE SIZE can of Prairie Belt sausage. Apparently, you could heat up the whole can ON the stove and then eat them right out of the can, hot!

  7. Cannot wait to find some- they look delicious, and I want that label!!
    Prairie Belt, here i come!

  8. Can you tell me were i can find the big cans of smoked sauage at? When i was growing up we called them oil wieniers. can you order them from the company. please let me know. Thank you

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    1. Me to 77 year country boy raise on them. All I can find is the small can.

  10. I just found a site that will ship the prairie belt sausage to you it’s called I just ordered a bunch. Good luck to all.

  11. Until recently, we have been able to buy Prairie Belt Sausages in the large cans at Walmart .. they have discontinued them. Walmart also carried the HOT variety — it is AWESOME!! I have no clue where to buy the HOT PB’s now … we only get the tiny cans at DG.

  12. I’ve not been able to find PB oil sausage in DG stores or anywhere else. Please, where can I purchase a gallon-size can of PB oil sausage. As a youngster, this was a family reward at cotton-picking time when the first bale of cotton was hauled to the gin.

  13. Where can I purchase smoked oil sausages
    in Cleveland, Ohio?
    I must have them sent from New Orleans.

  14. Where can I find the Rex brand sausages. They were oil smokes sausages in a red can With white writing that spelled out the brand name ” Rex” ?
    I live in California and haven’t been able to find them for quite a while.

  15. i have read all the questions asking where can they buy oil sausage ,but i still don’t know where to buy them. Can someone please tell me where i can get them?

  16. you can find the praire belt smoked sausage at the following phone no.
    Butcher boy
    small cans is .89
    large cans is 1.69
    i do know how many is in a case.

  17. I bought a can of Prairie Belt sausages last night at a
    corner store in Cook County, Ill., and they may have been the
    vilest thing I have ever tried to eat. Wow. I like salt, I like
    sausages, and I like canned food, and my standards are low, but
    these were so salty and ill-tasting that I could only choke down
    two of the seven wieners in the can. Even that small dose left a
    foul taste so intense that brushing my teeth did not remove it.
    Wow. That is a fine label, though.

  18. You can by Prairie Belt smoked sausages 9.5oz can at Superlo stores – memphis tn. They are $1.67 each. Kids luv these little meaty morsels.

  19. Growing up in New York, we had Rex smoked sausages which had a very good taste. WHERE CAN I FIND THEM OR WHO MAKES THEM? I HAVE TRIED PRAIRIE AND IT DOES COMES CLOSE BUT NOT THE SAME.

  20. I JUST FOUND THIS PRODUCT AT DOLLAR GENERAL!! I HAVE BEEN ASKING MY MOM ABOUT THEM FOR AWHILE. We could not remember the name and I just happen to be in Dollar General Today and I found them!!! Although they are the Vienna Sausage size, the ones I had when I was a kid was in a BIG CAN and the were Bigger Size Sausages. I LOVE THEM and haven’t been able to find them anywhere. No that I have found the Vienna Sausage, I feel like there is hope of finding the LARGE ONES in the BIG CAN. For those of you who have not had the Large version of this Vienna, THE ARE VERY DELICIOUS!

  21. Looking at the comments I see a definite disconnect between those saying they are finding Prairie Belt oil sausages the stores now and the sausage some are referring to as ‘in the big can’.

    The big can was a gallon, there was a half gallon and the smallest was about 16oz. They were packed in an oil that had about the same viscosity as 30 weight motor oil which easily jelled when put in the fridge. They had a robust taste that resembled Underwood Deviled Ham if you were to smoke it but without the gritty bite having instead almost the consistency of an almost ripe banana. Only the kid on the label is the same and the last time I saw a can was around ’92 at a truck stop stacked on a shipping palate and had a feeling I should have bought a few of them because they were gone the next day.

    I did see them on a Piggly Wiggly store flyer online but when I called they did not have anyone that seemed to be about to set up shipping some to me.

    The Vienna sausages may be okay by most standards, but just using the image to sell a memory, just a souvenir can as I see it.

  22. Looking for rex smoke sausage in the red can. I use to eat them years ago and cannot find them now. They were much bigger than the vienna sausage in the cans today. If they are still on the market I would love to know where I can purchase them.

  23. In Chicago, IL they were packaged as “Red River Sausages” and sold in little convenience, AKA LIQUOR stores (all run by Arabic men, who all, somehow, inexplicably settled on the store name “Three Stooges”. ?) I understood that my mother was a greedy SOW but she totally stretched the limits of vulgarity by buying and eating these disgusting wieners, produced in Satan’s kitchen! I notice the words “Chicken” on the label in this picture. The ones from the 80’s were made from whatever was left of cows after the normal people got done with them… INGREDIENTS: Beef hearts, beef spleens, tripe, beef lips… That’s right, BEEF LIPS! What. The. FUCK! When I read that, as a kid, I imagined a guy going up to some unsuspecting cow and ripping it’s lips off!

  24. Do they still make the large cans of Prairie Belt smoked sausages all I can find are the 9.5oz cans

  25. Does anyone know where I can get a prarie belt sausage t-shirt??

  26. Dollar General carries the 5 oz cans, Walmart online shows both, 5 & 9 1/2 oz cans. At one time they were made with beef scraps, not anymore. They also had big cans they called breakfast sausage, it was fine ground like gravy but was not too bad. Haven’t seen that in a long time.

  27. Prairie Belt (my kids called them Prairie Dog) sausages are good and spicy…there is nothing like them for breakfast! I hate the Vienna Sausage size ones, they taste nothing like the breakfast sized ones. We buy them at Winn Dixie and at WalMart stores…all you have to do is ask for them, and they’ll find them for you…they have to sell enough of them to justify keeping them on the shelves, so be ready to stock up!

  28. how can I order prairie-belt to my home,I live in Scobey MT 59263

  29. It is amazing that from the comments I did read that this is a new product to some people! I am 42 years old and I remember getting them from my Grand Mother when I was 5. They are always readily available in the grocery stores here in SC also in WalMart and DG.

  30. here in ms. we have those smoked sausage in a can here but its its not nothing like what we use to have .wish i could find the real rex oil sausage

  31. i guess its because they dont swim or fly the reason they dont make rex oil sausage anymore

  32. Just sliced 2 small cans in a lil spaghetti and cheese mmmm mmm good

  33. More proof why old people shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet. The nostalgia for an awful food product is astounding.

  34. Prairie Belt Sausage….

    Use to be made by Bryan Brothers (Bryan Foods)
    Packing Company of West Point, Mississippi.

    Made at the former West Point Plant, Jettisoned by Sarah Lee Corporation around 2007.

    Put some 1,500 West Pointers Out of Work.

    Grew up on the NASTY little greasy sausages in a grade school cafateria, at least twice per week, courtesy of Ida Folain, so called cafateria dietician.

    She was also noted for her famous vinegar salad!

    Often wonder if the “little dork” on the can, was one of the Bryan Brothers son’s and or grandson’s?

    He was straight out of the 1950’s, the only difference was, that he did not ware “white wall’s”, like my parents insisted on!

    NASTY, NASTY, little greasy sausages and just looking at the label, I NOW CAN TATSE the FOUL TASTE!!!

  35. The best sausage I have ever tasted. Can someone please tell me where I can get some more of these deliciously tasty treats. I eat them with homemade biscuits and ribbon cane syrup.

  36. Where can I find Prairie Belt smoke sausage. They are the best. I have been looking for months in San Antonio TX. Please help.

  37. where can i buy the Prairie Belt Smoke Sausage
    Thank You

  38. Where can I buy Prairie Belt Smoke Sausage? In the Dallas Ft. Worth Tx area. Dollar General use to have them but not anymore

  39. Does Castleberrys still make Georgia Hash? I loved this and would like to continue to buy it if I can find somewhere that sells it. Please say you still make it!!!

  40. Like lots on here, I too am on the hunt for the “Rex” sausages I grew up on in the red labeled can. My granny would fry them up, gently and we’d eat them with grits and eggs…yummy! I would LOVE to find these and let us have the notalgic taste/ moment together today!! There was a store I use to know where to get them in NY in the ’90’s but I doubt they still have them. Plus I now live in 99th west coast. Of anybody knows…….PLEASE POST!!

  41. Why does prairie belt not make the oil sausage in the large cans. I grew up with my mom cooking biscuits and rice with oil sausage we would save the juice and make coffee gravy to dip our biscuits in .there is such a demand here in mississippi for the product that dollar general can not keep them stocked ! I guarantee if you start putting the larger cans back into production you will not be able to supply the demand ! Why wouldn’t a company want to increase the sales of there product ? Doesn’t make sense to me . Sincerely karen williams Laurel, miss.

  42. Dollar General sells tghe Prarie Belt small cans in East Texas. Just bought 24 cans in Jasper Texas, to take home to San Antonio. They are nor as good as the large oil sausage cans of my youth, but still better than Viennas.

  43. I recollect buying a 55 gallon drum or two of these from the West Point factory, for company picnics back in the 1960’s. Mmmmmmmmm!!

  44. I buy these at dollar general in our small town in Jena Louisiana .At a young age I remember my older sister keepin big can of these out on her stove.They were packed in oil so in the morning at breakfast she would pull out amount to warm in skillet.So good!!

  45. Hi your smoked Sausages are the best. Is there anyway we could get some with less sodium and half the cholesterol???? I love them, but my doctor says its too much sodium intake and I don’t want to give them up LOL. Thanks

  46. I found can smoked Sausages/ oil sausages in Dawson Ga, 2016.


  48. the smoked sausage that is sold now is not the same smoked oil sausage that was sold in the 1960s and 1970s. i love them as a kid at my grandmothers house. they would come in a gallen can and were packed in oil

  49. I too grew up with the prairie sausage. Back then they was sold in med. and large cans. Why did they stop selling the larger cans? The large can I’m talking about was the size of a Crisco can. The sausages were larger also. Where can I order this? Thanks

  50. Hello P.Lee
    You can always purchased them from WALMART.COM & AMAZON, TARGET
    THEY SELL 6PK OF OF THE BIG CANS 9.5oz $1.64 each I normally order 24 cans n get delivered to my front door.
    Also try your neighborhood gas station or small MOM & POP’S store. $$ general mostly only have 4.6oz small cans. Good luck n Enjoy.
    Mo Moody
    of Country Club hills, IL 60429

  51. Recipe for Hobo Heaven: 1 Lb Prairie Belt Smoked Sausage. Preferably the larger ones. corn on the cob, new potatoes, fresh carrots, onions quartered. Buy new clean 1 gallon metal paint can @ local paint store. Poke several holes in lid with clean ice pick or nail. Starting with corn cobbies, layer potatoes, carrots, onions and sausage in the bucket making sure sausage is on top. Cook over open camp fire or in smoker. steam 30 to 60 minutes depending on how hot your fire is. MMMM GOOD

  52. I forgot to tell you to put the lid on the bucket before putting it over the heat. The steam will escape through the holes in the lid.

  53. I have send your products in my local store. I would love to try them. Please send coupons in the mail. I do not have access to a printer. Thank you
    Shekiter Dean
    3775 Bailey Ave C106
    Jackson MS 39213

    1. The best ones were “Red Bird” brand of imitation Vienna sausage. I loved them as a kid and would buy cases of them now if I could find them.

  54. Plzzzzzzzz! Tell me where the Oil sausage is I dont want chicken stock..plzzzzz

  55. Are the ones from New Orleans in Oil or chicken stock aiso,olz let me know I am close to it

  56. Are the ones from New Orleans in Oil or chicken stock aiso,olz let me know I am close to it

  57. The smoked sausage is too salty to eat. Do not taste the same.

  58. I would like to know how to cook them. I grew up eating these and I love them. My mother told me once to cook them in water. She is gone now so I don’t know the details. I’ve tried cooking them in a frying pan in water but it’s not like Mama made. If someone knows, please tell me!

  59. Bill they sell here in Michigan and I’m going to tell don’t get to happy….they are not as good as back in the 70’s and 80’s.
    They taste moore like Vienna sausage.

  60. Back in the the 70,80’s these smoke sausages were so good now it’s like they took half the ingredients out it doesn’t have that thick oil it’s waterd down like Vienna sausage
    So don’t think you’re going to get the old prairie belt sausage…

  61. What has happened? These have totally disappeared from Walmart, Food-Lion, Dollar General in CLT Metro area the last 2 weeks. No one will answer phone at Castleberry Augusta.

  62. Hi,

    Who would I speak to regarding opening a wholesale account and carrying your products?

    Please let me know when you have a chance.

    Shawn Ely

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