Bar Keepers Friend, One of Many Great Hoosier Brands

Bar Keepers Friend, One of Many Great Hoosier BrandsINDIANAPOLIS – Brands are more interesting when they are owned by small companies, and have some history. That’s why Bar Keepers Friend, founded in 1882, is memorable.

Bar Keepers Friend is one of many products made in Indiana, including Clabber Girl. A few other vintage type brands. These include:

  1. Clay City Pottery A great old pottery company.

  2. Cummins the engine manufacturer dates from 1919  in Columbus.
  3. Greenfield Mills is Indiana’s oldest commercial water-powered flour mill.

  4. Hoosier Tire, founded in 1957, is a maker of racing tires.

  5. Koetter Woodworking makes wood flooring and such in Borden, Indiana. Visit their Forest Discovery Center in Starlight.

  6. Little Crow Foods This company started making Coco Wheats in 1930. They also make FastShake, Miracle Maze, Fryin’ Magic and Bakin Miracle.

  7. Marion-Kay Spices Founded by Marion “Bill” Summers who started it in 1922 in St. Louis.  Since 1949, Marion-Kay has operated in Brownstown.
  8. Mundt’s Candies was founded in 1917 and revived in 1998.

  9. N. K. Hurst HamBeens N.K. Hurst Company was established as a family business in 1938. Since 1948, the Hurst name is associated with dry beans.

  10. Plyleys Old Fashioned Confections This family company has made candy since 1917, and was founded by Grandma Rilla Plyley.

  11. Sechler’s Pickles The origins of Ralph Sechler & Son dates to 1914. Ralph Sechler sold pickles in St. Joe, Indiana for D. M. Sears Company. Delivered by wagon.

  12. Shagbark Hickory Syrup In 1989, the founders located a 200-year-old recipe and revived the idea of hickory syrup.

  13. Sisters of St. Benedict live in the Monastery of Immaculate Conception in Ferdinand and make cookies.

  14. Vera Bradley is located in Fort Wayne and makes those preppy handbags.

  15. Weaver Popcorn is one of the largest producers in the world of popcorn with their headquarters in Indianapolis.

  16. W.M. Rees Instruments Their store, “Harp’s on Main” was founded in 2000, they have called the river town of Rising Sun, Indiana home.

  17. Yoder Popcorn Founded in 1936 by Rufus Yoder, his children operated the business until they sold it in 1996. The company was purchased back into the family by Rufus’ great niece, Sharon, along with her husband Richard and their youngest son, Russell.

  18. Zipp Speed Weaponry makes cycling equipment; they were founded in 1988.


  • Garland Pollard

    J. Garland Pollard IV is editor/publisher of BrandlandUSA. Since 2006, the website has chronicled the history and business of America’s great brands.


  1. Bars keepers friend…..greatest stuff on earth.

  2. Hurray Hoosiers!

    There is a great liquid version of Barkeeper’s Friend and it will either spray liquid or in foam!

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