Pan Am One Flies With Luggage

We wrote some time ago about the different versions of the Pan Am name that have survived even though the airline has died and come back to life a number of times. Such is the goodwill in the brand that it keeps on selling product.

Today, we write about Pan Am One luggage brand. It has been spied lately in LaGuardia; BrandlandUSA’s intrepid brand sleuth Tim Murphy found it for us.

Pan Am’s brand lives on with a flight academy and a railroad. The company lives on in the form of Inter-Continental Hotels (it has now lost the hyphen, methinks), which was a subsidiary formed by Juan Trippe to house flight crews.

While we are at it, let’s think of other brand extensions:

  • Pan Am Clipper Clubs restaurants and lounges (airport restaurants and lounges)
  • Pan Am WorldPass. A co-branded frequent fFlyer Visa card where mileage accrues for international travel ONLY.
  • Delta WorldPort. A renamed version of Delta’s JFK Terminal, that used to be the Pan Am WorldPort. Now, you can at least take a helicopter to JFK from Manhattan.
  • Pan Am Terminals: An airport operating company.

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