Aquarian-age Peter Max, Better than Ever

The brand of “Peter Max” still as strong as 1960s

Peter Max SmileFORT MYERS – We heard the artist Peter Max this morning on WGCU 90.1, the public radio station in Fort Myin the winter home of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

Max, of course, is one of the most famous commercial artists of the 20th century, and is most associated with the hippie era. However, his work has endured far beyond it, and his operation is going strong, with a thriving print and poster operation.

The radio interview got to the spirit of Max’s creativity and longevity. The most fascinating thing he said was how others might unleash their drawing talent. He said that you have to draw, and draw and draw. His suggestion is to draw hundreds of “silly drawings” and the best ones will jump out and the worst will be forgotten.

Fascinating stuff about Peter Max:

  • Max has 17 archivists who work on his back catalog and collection.
  • A full-time d.j. plays music while Max paints.
  • He didn’t do Yellow Submarine for the Beatles, though he was asked to do it by John Lennon, and he is commonly thought of as the artist behind it. “If I would have had time, I would have done it.”
  • He is working on animation projects now.
  • Max was raised in China. “It’s a totally creative country.”
  • He is a vegetarian, and does not like to walk on grass unless he has to.
  • “My most favorite piece is the one I am working on now.”
  • His favorite thing to discuss is the universe, and loves to “listen to music and think about the cosmos.”

He has a big upcoming show at the The Clinton Presidential Center called “Peter Max Paints America.” It opens President’s Day 2009 and runs from February 16 to May 25 at 1200 President Clinton Avenue. Little Rock, Arkansas. (501) 374-4242 or

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  1. His art is everlasting, but also his rare and unique books, objects, posters, magazines and even Ice Boxes!

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