English Ovals, Holidomes and Were Ford Mavericks Made in Spain?

Fun recent searches that landed Americans on BrandlandUSA.

  1. Chrysler Factory Tours. To bad they don’t have them; they might actually make some cash as I would love to see a restored Plymouth with Torque-Flite!
  2. Discontinued Charles of the Ritz. Once a great brand, now gone. Revlon made a mistake when they couldn’t figure that one out. It’s would have been like Proctor & Gamble throwing Oil of Olay in the dustbin.
  3. Vintage Connelly Skis Way cool ski company, but we still miss Cypress Gardens.
  4. Checker Cabs for sale Kalamazoo used to make things. Why don’t they still make em?
  5. Eco-friendly campers for trailers One of our most popular posts of all time. Folks love retro trailers!
  6. English Ovals discontinued. Are they? We thought Philip Morris still made them. We’ve got some stale ones from the old Bells Road Factory Tour, but that won’t do.
  7. Pan Am Worldport. Don’t you dare tear it down, Delta! And by the way, what happened to the astrological panels on the side?
  8. Were Ford Mavericks made in Spain? No, but I think that they are going to make the new Fiesta there.
  9. How to give good service in a casual restaurant Better read about it in BrandlandUSA!
  10. When were Holidomes designed? When Kemmons Wilson did some wacky stuff. The 1970s!
  11. Peck & Peck It’s a brand owned by Stein Mart (NYSE: SMRT). We had some ideas for them for it; wish ole Glori Katz would call us back!
  12. Harley Carnes biography; he’s the great WCBS 880 newsman.
  13. How many brands of TV dinners? There’s still Swanson and Banquet but no Morton.
  14. Louis Sherry Ice Cream Goodbye old friend. Why do we have to endure brands like Edy’s and Ben & Jerry’s when there was once Louis Sherry?
  15. 2002 GMC blueprint. We guess this was the plan that didn’t work. Brilliant GM. Brilliant!


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