America’s Oldest and Greatest Green Brand, Aermotor

AermotorSAN ANGELO, TEXAS – They were, and are, icons of America. The windmill, specifically the Aermotor windmill. Pictured at right, an Aermotor windmill tail in a museum in Palmetto, Florida.

The Aermotor was ubiquitous across the U.S., and helped build farms across rural areas.

Few realize that they are still around. The company has been in business since 1888; they are still made in the U.S., though no longer in Chicago.

The timeline is fascinating; we urge you to go on their site and read about it. For a time, they even had production outside the U.S., but brought it back. At one time it was a sister company to Bertram Yachts.

A bit from their president, Bob Bracher:

The phrase “Made In The USA” means a lot to everyone at the Aermotor Windmill Company.

Aermotor windmills and windmill towers are manufactured in the USA by a group of experienced and dedicated employees. Each windmill and tower is constructed from the best American-made iron and steel we can buy. Everyone in our firm takes great pride in their work and our 118-year history.

We manufacture the best windmill, at the best price, made in the USA.

We believe so strongly in the quality of our products that we offer an industry exclusive, 7-Year Warranty on every windmill and windmill tower, covering both parts and labor. We offer this because of our superior engineering, metallurgical, manufacturing, and quality control processes.

Companies in Mexico, South America, and China copy our products then compare them to ours. They claim their parts are interchangeable with Aermotor parts. They claim their foreign windmills can substitute for our windmills.

But there is no substitute for the American-made quality we build into every Aermotor Windmill and Aermotor Windmill Tower.

There is no substitute for a genuine Aermotor Windmill.

We hope the words “Made In The USA” mean something to you when you think about purchasing windmills. These words mean a lot to us at Aermotor Windmill.



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