GM’s Dead Brands: One in Six Sales

Pontiac STar ChiefWe came across the below statistics from the website It turns out that the dead brands of General Motors accounted for one in six sales at the ailing U.S. automaker. Writes their editorial:

Looking ahead, GM has a couple big issues. For starters, Pontiac sold 30,000 odd cars last month, which leaves them with only about 15,000 left in new car inventory total before they slip quietly into automotive history. In fact, the ‘dead brands’ made up about 1 in of every 6 sales for GM last month. GM is so concerned about the orphaned customers of these brands, or ‘free agents’ if you will, they have recently set up a special task force to try and rustle those costumers back into the fold.

Even before the loss of the ‘dead brands’ themselves are felt on the monthly sales, GM’s market share has plunged from 24.7% to 19.5% in the last 12 months.

Seems to me that there is one way to keep the brands in the fold. Namely, keep making some cars with the badge Pontiac.


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