Land’s End, Boeing and L.L. Bean

Some various brands in the news:Pettit MArine paint

  • On the Ticketron e-commerce site, if you see ticket prices, it shows you the sorts of performers and events that other people who like a particular artist were looking at hearing. We tried it out. In the case of Glenn Beck’s American Revival tour, “other” suggested performers include Randy Travis, Michael Bolton, Stagecoach Festival (Toby Keith and Keith Urban), Sammy Hagar and Wabos, David Garrett and Mariachi Festival USA. All make sense but Mariachi Festival?
  • Land’s End, part of Sears Holdings (NYSE: SHLD), is now officially high end. They are selling Allen Edmonds MacNeil Wingtips for $325. Oh so “My Three Sons” and quite classic. Perfect shoes for a recession. My dad says he got his resoled every two months in the 1970s while he was selling paper products for Unijax.
  • Boeing is apparently being squeezed by Bombardier and Embraer in the area of short range competitors to the 737. It was once that Bombardier and such were only selling 50 to 70 seat planes, but that has changed. Perhaps it is time for Boeing to restart its Douglas brand to sell a regional jetliner with all new technology.
  • L.L. Bean has a new Signature catalog, selling a high-end look. The smallish catalog is filled with classics like bluchers, though my favorite Double L is missing. Two brands that show up in the catalog, albeit hidden, are a mid 1970s Ford Bronco and a temperature gauge from Petit Marine Paint. Pettit is a subsidiary of Kop-Coat of Rockaway, N.J. Great logo.


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  1. The Double L that I remember had a white sole that was a boating sole. It may be non slip on the bottom but it isn’t white.

    I suppose you could buy a boating sole and sew it on the bottom of the blucher.

    By the way, the other stuff in the ad that got some exposure were the Bangor Daily news and the Maine Game Department’s brochure. I also noticed that there was a full-on view of the Bronco on the inside cover.

  2. isn’t that the Double L on page 44 masquerading as the Blucher Moc?

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