Heckle and Jeckle Are Back, Tylenol Troubles, Mitchum Man

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  • Are Heckle and Jeckle back? The old crows sure are, with a Facebook page. Old Paul Terry of Terry Toons would be so happy. Now, lets not just do licensing of these old birds, but resuscitate the company Terry Toons.
  • Please read Donald Kay Riker’s story on the troubles at Johnson & Johnson. It is, plain, weird that J&J is in such a state with its great brands such as Tylenol. Riker, who is a longtime OTC pharma exec and and now of On Point Advisors and OTC Product News, says, “This time around J&J must do much more than simply remove product from the market.  It must move to convince consumers that its internal neglect, sloth, and sloppiness are not a throwback to Upton Sinclair and the early days of the 1900’s. J&J sinned on both ends—in manufacturing and marketing defective products (Tylenol and others) and once having released them into the trade failing to heed consumer feedback that something was very wrong (Benadryl poisonings).
  • We happened upon some new Mitchum deodorant banner ads popping up online. While we haven’t seen the ads on television, they have repositioned the deodorant as one for real American men. Rather like Barbasol, the approach is not hip, just straightforward.Wikipedia entry says Mitchum was launched in 1970 by Revlon, but need to check on that.



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