History of Gebott’s, Maker of GeBott’s Original Kream Frydkakes

Historic stock certificate of New York company

NEW YORK – BrandlandUSA reader Michael Gonzalez wants help from BrandlandUSA readers on an old New York brand name, Gebott’s. He has a stock certificate from the company, and would like to get it back to a descendant of the owner, a certain Roger Steffan. The certificate is dated Sept. 1, 1921.

We did some searching and found out that there was a Gebott’s in Brooklyn, which was a bakery company that sold nationally. We found a mention in a 1920s paper of a product called GeBott’s Original Kream Frydkakes, and we wonder what else the company made, and whether the company was merged into another company, or just shut down.

Writes Gonzalez:

Five years ago, I did some renovation work which included demolishing walls in an apt. in New York City, and I found this box containing coins, stamps, etc… I also found (2) stock notes for a company called “Gebott’s Inc” and it was dated in 1921 and 1930.

I tried to Google the name of the person on the stock notes to see if I may be able to return it to the family, but I wasn’t able to find anything, I am intrigued in knowing more about the company history and what exactly should I do with these artifacts being that I’ve had them for going on 6 years.

If readers have any information on the company, please add it below.


  • Garland Pollard

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  1. I have been following this to see if you have found a connection. Can you tell me who the president of the Company was or any other signatures on the certificate?

  2. Hi my father Brian Lee Gebott was born in michegan in 1946. Maybe possibly they were related pkease email me at gebottjordan@yahoo.com

    1. Hi! I was just going through the GeBott name and I was reading all this. I am Heather GeBott Arce. My uncles were Jeff GeBott/ Brian GeBott and Tim GeBott who is still alive. My fathers name is Randy GeBott. Are you Brian GeBotts child? We’re you adopted? Please contact me back.
      Heather GeBott Arce

  3. My mother worked for Gebott’s Bakery in the Brighton section of Boston in the early forties. They had pound cakes and fried cakes which were donuts with dimples instead of holes. They were bought out in the fifties by Drakes Bakery and moved to Roxbury,

  4. I am a direct descendant of R.H.Gebott. His brother, Miles Gebott ran several Gebott Kream Frydkake Bakeries. I believe Mile’s Gebott founded this Company. I have some photos of the trucks and people who worked for him in Michigan. I am interested in any information about this Company and the Gebott family. To my knowledge Krispy Kream bought Gebott Frydkakes. Would it be possible for you to share with me the information on the Stock certificate? best regard, Candice Dault

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