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The nation once had many regional pet food brands. In my native Northern Neck, we had Huff n Puff, which was a cat food made in Reedville from the waste from that town’s menhaden haulers.

Another familiar brand is Twin Pet, which still survives as a discount brand at Wal-Mart. Made by Simmons Pet Food of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, it includes canned and dry dog and cat food. I seem to recall the company sponsoring some sort of regional TV shows like Hee Haw; their ads seemed to run with slides and voice-overs at the end of programs, rather than commercials.

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, the Twin Pet brand dates from 1954; oddly when you run a search on the brand in their database, the registration shows up as dead, though the product is obviously very much alive. It was always sold as a discount brand, a market segment it still claims.


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  1. I have 9 cats; all feral that I have rehabilitated. They love Twin Pets canned chicken cat food. Walmart has been out of stock here in Niles MI for a long time and now the Walmarts in the entire South Bend IN area , where I’ve been going to get my supply, are out of stock too! My cats don’t like any other canned cat food; they eat some of it but leave the rest. I don’t know where to go to get our Twin Pets canned cat food! Someone help us please!

  2. my cats love that twin pet food.purina made my cats sick.cause its made in china.

  3. Hard to get your dry cat food as our Wal-Mart seems to run out and not get restocked , we are in live oak Florida . hope you can get them to keep up with demand. Thanks

  4. Coming to you in Hope’s that your company can donate any products to our Nonprofit organization known as Celebrate Recovery for life? The dogs are in great need of Food and treats. We are caring for them until owners are found or adopted out. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Our shipping address is
    Tara 1Johnson
    2506 14th St 1VernonTx 76384

  5. please call me asap as the dry cat food / bag almost killed my cat!! 702-364-5355, leave a msg and phone# / ext!!
    Thank you!!

  6. As a truck driver and pet owner, I can tell you this. All pet foods are junk. Even the expensive ones. I hauled pet food ingredients to most of the pet food places all around the U.S. They use scraps and leftover meat and fish and dehydrated vegetables to make their dry dog and cat foods and use cooked poultry meal and fish meal to make their canned products. If you want your pet to be happy and healthy, then whatever meat and veggies you have for dinner, put a little of each veggie and a serving of meat in a blender and blend it. It is a lot healthier for your pet. Especially dogs.

  7. My dogs love it and the store never has it

  8. I have 3 small dogs and one of them will only eat the canned chicken flavor, he loves it anything else he will not eat the other 2 will eat it as well but not as picky. It sucks Wal Mart in my are will stop caring Twin Pet.

  9. your pet food all most killed my dog

  10. I believe this cat food killed my almost 2 year old male cat !!!!!!!! I hate this food company for this !!!!!

  11. We have 3 cats and 2 dogs. I bought this cat food original cause it was cheap how ever it has cost my family dearly. we had to put down one of my Favorite kitties cause of being sick. then my other 2 kitty got sick also. After 3 vet visits and a couple hundred dollars later we figured out it was the cat food they were eating. The vet said that it does not have the nutrients in it the cats need and has stuff that can make them very sick and even die! do not get twin pet food for you animals! it is very bad for them!!!!

  12. I have 5 cats and 1 dog. They eat each others food all the time so i mix the twin pets cat and dog food and they all love it and have had no problems. A lot of the other more expensive foods have made one or more of my cats sick. Nobody is sick on this. I love it and love that i can afford to keep all my animals since i also have 12 snakes. Thank you twin pet.

  13. My fiance and I have 8 cats. Thought I’d save some money with Twin Pet, but after cleaning up a bunch of loose stools and vomit, I realized you get what you pay for. My cats couldn’t keep it down. Went back to Friskies. NUFF SAID!!! P.S. I actually saw one cat eat it, step back from the dish, and throw it back up. nice

  14. as far as i am concerned this product is poisen. people who cant take good care of their pets shouldnt have them. being put to sleep is much more human then slowly letting a pet die becasue you are too cheap to but the good stuff. please people dont feed your pets this crap. they will eventually get sick and die.

  15. I used to buy canned Twin Pet for our dog when we lived in New Mexico 40 years ago. It was cheap, the dog loved it, but talk about vile! I think it was originally intended for both dogs and cats, hence the name. I have NO idea what was in it, but I did see fish scales and gristle. It was about all we could afford at the time. (The dog thrived and lived to be 14, although we switched to a far better brand once we could afford it.)

  16. I have found the dry dog food to be wonderful as a filler for my chickens and turkies, even my pigons love it! However I would never feed it to my dogs… too much grains and not much if any real meat.
    Did anyone else notice the bage weight just dropped to 13 pounds from the origanal 15 pounds???

  17. I have three dogs over 100 lbs each. They LOVE the Twin Pet canned chicken loaf and they eat the canned beef for a change up! I feed them Kirkland brand dry dog food, because I think it is good for them. But to encourage them to eat, and, because dry food needs moisture to digest properly, I make them share a can of Twin Pet. They eat so much, I am grateful for the makers of Twin Pet because as a retired couple, it would be very difficult for us to afford to feed these adorable dogs.

  18. My cat also would rather starve than eat this

  19. I have 6 cats and one dog, yet only one kitty has been finicky over his food. It’s almost impossible to change cat brands without one or several kitties throwing up so I’ve been trying to find a happy balance. I am fortunate to find Twin Pet at both our Dollar Tree store AND one of our two Wal-Mart stores. It is very affordable on our already tight budget. We used to be an Iam’s family and Blue Buffalo, but that was extremely hard to keep purchasing after we had taken in multiple rescues. I’m always on the lookout for coupons for the main brands, but that’s “hit or miss”. Thank you Twin Pet – we wish there were more flavors! Yours Faithfully, “B”, Sammy, Girlie, JoJo, Big Sheep, Stinky & Lieutenant Waffle =^..^=

  20. Ok, this is a discount brand some animals prefer it over other brands. On the other hand some animals don’t like it! If you want your pet to get “better” food then you as the owner can fork out the extra!!!!

  21. The Twin Pet cat food is horrible. My cats hate it. What is it they put in it that they prefer to starve. They have gotten so skinny. I mean, what good is it to be cheap the least they should do is make it so cats like it. I have friends that say the same thing. Does it even have any meat in it?

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