Rise Shaving Cream Returns in a Tube


Rise Shaving Cream, once a household name, has returned to the shelves as a discount brand.

The brand, once a product of Carter-Wallace, is now made by Rise International Group of Lodi, New Jersey. Rise also sells Pears in the U.S. market. Pears is one of the world’s oldest brands, and once had a Royal warrant.

Rise was familiar to most consumers, as it was the shaving cream you could supposedly use without water. In the commercials, a person would typically show how he could shave without water. Then, the announcer would say how much better he would be able to shave if the person actually used water.

Yes, imagine what you can do using Rise with water.

In its time, Rise had some well-known celebrities endorsing the product, including Chicago Bear Dick Butkus and basketball player Jerry Lucas.

The current Rise is not in an aerosol can, but is instead in a tube.


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  1. Where do I find the tube of rise the dollar store and others I’ve checked is not stocked I like the product and would continue to use please advise I’m in the idaho area

  2. I picked up a can of rise in a dollar store today. It was an 11-oz. can for $1, and was made in China. I opted for a generic brand…12 ounces for $1, made in Canada.

    1. I dont blame you…way too much made in China. And with shaving cream, its not like they are saving that much money on labor by making it there…arent the factories automated?

  3. I hope users of Rise find its current formulation satisfactory. I know that Pears soap is not the same as it once was; now that the Pears which is imported to the US is made in India, it has a very harsh aroma, which kind of defeats the purpose of using a mild glycerin soap.

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