Fizrin: The 1950s Flu Fixer & Brand of the Day

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Discussion of an “Asian flu” and remedies is not new. Back in the 1950s, the antacid and headache powder Fizrin advertised itself as that remedy.

Fizrin was a similar product to Alka Seltzer. But it was fizz without the plop.

Fizrin was a product of Sterling Laboratories of New York. Sterling is no longer around; it was owned by Eastman Kodak and later Elf Sanofi, then SmithKline and finally Bayer, from whence it had sprung after World War II.

Sterling was the U.S. owner and maker of Bayer aspirin after the first World War.

Fizrin was sold as a powder, much like Stanback or Goody, rather than pills. The product is no longer made. And in a search of the archives of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, the brand is no longer active.

The account was handled by the Compton Advertising Agency, which operated from 1936. Compton later merged to become Dancer Fitzgerald Sample and later Saatchi & Saatchi DFS Compton.

Bob Crane, the lead actor from Hogan’s Heroes, recorded an advertisement for Fizrin back in 1964. The Soundcloud ad for Fizrin from KNX of Los Angeles is at bottom.

“The early symptoms of Asiatic Flu and colds are many times quite similiar. That’s why you should call your doctor at the first sign of fever, headache, muscular aches and pains….and why you should know about FIZRIN INSTANT SELTZER, the brand new medical compound.

From a Fizrin Advertisement, 1950s.
  • Brand Name: Fizrin
  • Registration: Dec. 28, 1954
  • Last Owner: Sterling Drug
  • Status: Dead
  • Last Renewed: Dec. 28, 1974


Last year, David and John McLaren of Fender Guitars found a package of Fizrin in the belongings of Leo Fender. David is President and CEO of BBE Sound, which purchased G&L Guitars, maker of Fender.

Dave McLaren posted a picture of the Fizrin on his Instagram. Comments wanted to know if it actually still worked. McLaren filmed a video, to see what it would look like if you tried it in water. He not only tried the fizz, but tasted the Fizzrin.


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