DENVER – Vicorp Restaurants Inc. announced today the sale of the pie restaurant Village Inn to American Blue Ribbon Holdings LLC, a new entity formed by Fidelity National Financial Inc. and Newport Global Advisors. American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC will own and operate the Village Inn and Bakers Square restaurantMORE HERE

We love It’s a website of fast food architecture; the premise is that once a building is a fast food building, it is ALWAYS a fast food building. The site is quite addictive. Once you start looking at roadside chains, you can always spot them. And it is notMORE HERE

TOLEDO – A White Tower in the way of the expansion of a downtown YWCA will be moved rather than destroyed, according to The Toledo Blade. We wrote about the imperiled hamburger shop earlier this year, and the YWCA’s offer to sell it for $1 to anyone who would removeMORE HERE

In retail, you don’t have to have expensive products to make your brand unique. Very often, a recasting of something boring and conventional that you sell can make your brand unique. This principal applies most often with food. These are products that are made with everyday things, but branded andMORE HERE