Arthur Treachers Fish & Chips

Jeeves, Get Me Some Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips

Who knew that Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips was still around? BrandlandUSA’s Hoosier Stringer Brian K. Stevens tells that was thinking about about Arthur Treacher’s, and found that they are still around.

Says Stevens, “There used to be Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips all over the Indiana, where I live and I thought the were all gone years ago. As I remember, they were really good but Ohio is a little far for fish and chips. Of course, Arthur Treacher was a character actor and Merv Griffin’s sidekick for awhile. Just another blast from the past!”

The chain was named after the British actor, best known for playing Jeeves. Treacher was the sidekick on Merv Griffin’s 1969-1972 late night show that competed against Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, along with the Mort Lindsey Orchestra.

Apparently, the brand is owned by NF Treacher’s Corp, which is affiliated with Nathan’s Famous Systems. There are apparently two sets of franchise groups. One Treacher’s website is at There is another website at with locations on the East Coast.


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