Rise Shaving Cream, once a household name, has returned to the shelves as a discount brand. The brand, once a product of Carter-Wallace, is now made by Rise International Group of Lodi, New Jersey. Rise also sells Pears in the U.S. market. Pears is one of the world’s oldest brands,MORE HERE

The original conditioner, Tame, is back on the shelves as a house brand at Dollar Tree. On the back, it has “Distributed by Dollar Tree” so you know its an exclusive. The use of Tame as a store brand is part of a recent trend of retailers licensing old lower-tierMORE HERE

WASHINGTON, D.C. – So FDA issues a warning today about Novartis Consumer Health’s Maalox. We’ll print it verbatim: Choosing the wrong liquid Maalox product for your condition can have harmful consequences, warns the Food and Drug Administration. Consumers may be confused by the similar packaging and labeling of liquid MaaloxMORE HERE

LONDON – Many brands that were once popular still get exposure through popular media, especially through photography and movies. We happened upon one razor brand, Personna, in the back of a 1960s photo of Roger Daltrey of The Who. The rocker is standing a block or two away from theMORE HERE

CHATTANOOGA – Many of America’s best known consumer healthcare brands were caught up in a “voluntary” recall of contaminated products. Johnson & Johnson announced the recall late Friday, January 15th. The Food and Drug Administration issued a formal warning to J&J after an audit of the company’s Puerto Rican plant.MORE HERE

Need to feel better when you travel? The name synonymous with seasickness was Mothersill’s, first registered as a trademark in 1926. Made by the Mothersill Remedy Company of Montreal and New York, it was first Mothersill’s Seasick Remedy. Somehow, the brand’s marketing did not translate to the jet era, andMORE HERE

SARASOTA – At the Mote Marine Aquarium here, there is a small cabinet of shark repellent brands. During World War II, the Navy tried to come up with ideas, and numerous brands were launched. They didn’t survive. Apparently, certain copper compounds do chase away sharks, but there has never beenMORE HERE

Amazon.com WidgetsIt’s summer. You go to the beach. There is that SMELL. What smell is it? Coppertone smell? Hawaiian Tropic smell? Bain de Soliel? Got to have a smell. That got us thinking, just a day after we wrote about Sea & Ski. What are the TOP sunscreen brands ofMORE HERE