INDIANAPOLIS – Brands are more interesting when they are owned by small companies, and have some history. That’s why Bar Keepers Friend, founded in 1882, is memorable. Bar Keepers Friend is one of many products made in Indiana, including Clabber Girl. A few other vintage type brands. These include: ClayMORE HERE

We were cleaning up and realized we had TWO brands of spray starch in the house. Two. Is there room in the market for TWO brands of this stuff? A can lasts all year, doesn’t it? And what a funny thing to actually sell, as spray starch is really justMORE HERE

BORON, CALIFORNIA – Only a few days until the big celebration in Boron, California! October 4, 2008 is the 51st Annual Twenty Mule Team Days. It’s a salute to the olden times in this mining town that is home to the famous detergent and famous material, Borax. America’s great brandMORE HERE


Clorox is truly one of the wonder brands. Since its introduction in 1913 in Oakland, California, Clorox has become an essential part of the American household. The Clorox website history claims (and we believe it) that eight out of 10 households have Clorox bleach in their houses (and we would guessMORE HERE