Sad day for soap fans. Sad day for Springfield. The classic CBS soap opera Guiding Light has been canceled by CBS. First started in radio, it apparently began on NBC radio in January 1937 and moved to CBS television in 1952. It apparently will end its run in September, andMORE HERE

Wisdom from the Brady Bunch Auteur, Sherwood Schwartz Anyone who values American culture appreciates Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch. Even if they were not critical successes when they first aired, because they have endured, you have to begin to wonder why. Here at BrandlandUSA, we are also curious aboutMORE HERE

We are thinking alot about radio, the recording industry and such. As the radio industry and recording industry evolve, there are lots of new opportunities to think about. A few posts relating to radio include: Saving Network Radio and Westwood One Oldest Releases on Archeophone We’re Lovin’ Remastered Casey KasemMORE HERE

Who would have thought that Westwood One (NYSE: WON) would be in penny stock range, and near de-listing? It’s a shame, as it was once a terribly innovative company; in 2005 its stock was at around $25. It still commands star power. Above, a Paris Hilton interview with Westwood OneMORE HERE

In the 1960s and 70s, television provided hours of entertaining but educational fare for kids. Things like ABC’s Schoolhouse Rock. The best of the best was In the News, a CBS Saturday morning news segment for kids. It was only one news segment, but it was slickly produced and toldMORE HERE

So it’s not the same as having a life as the main FM in New York at the frequency 102.7, but it’s close. CBS Radio has brought back the album oriented rock station WNEW as an online radio station. No longer is it an artifact of radio history. Thankfully, aMORE HERE

What do Cheryl Lynn, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Ralph Stanley and Tony Bennett have in common? It’s Columbia Records, one of the greatest brand names in record history. Columbia, like all the record brands, is having a very long-playing spin these days, and it isn’t happy. Each record brand hasMORE HERE

The great game shows are also notable brands. The show in the news now is The Price Is Right. So universally loved, CBS even sells licensed product merchandise to go along with it. What made the show great wasn’t just the host, Bob Barker, nor how it grew from aMORE HERE