There is something great about a brand that does not stick to its brand. Particularly industrial companies that go into the business of resorts. Modern management theory HATES this sort of thing, but they are wrong. Brands that do not stick to their brands are MORE interesting. They have depth.MORE HERE

Man, if you are anywhere near Florida, pick up some Gilda Crackers. Gilda’s are dry, non-salty crackers about the circumference of a mini-bagel. They are actually Cuban crackers. We were alerted to these wonderful baked crackers by Leorah Solomon, a South African-born, British educated soap maker and entrepreneuse in Sarasota,MORE HERE

If ever there was a reason to stick with a strange logo no matter what, take a look at this Nabisco logo, pictured above. It is from the side of a warehouse in Pensacola, Florida. It works. It describes the Six Rules of Company Brands. The company brand is anMORE HERE