Radio Shack has put out an RFP for their advertising account. One bit of Andrew McMains’ story caught our eye: Online shopping, per the RFP, has not only made consumers more price sensitive, but has commoditized the customer service provided by Radio Shack because questions can be answered online. WhileMORE HERE

So Circuit City is gone, and it’s Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) and Radio Shack (NYSE: RSH). How opportune for Radio Shack, whose stock seems to be in miracle zone, namely above $10 a share. In August 2007, we wrote on BrandlandUSA some of our ideas for improving Radio Shack. TheyMORE HERE

Radio Shack, Reuters reports, has had an excellent quarter, in a time when other retailers have not. Wow. But let’s digress into nostalgia. It’s much more fun. As a child and as a devotee of brands, I shared a love (and frustration) with the Radio Shack (NYSE: RSH) of theMORE HERE

The news on RadioShack Corp. is not good. Sales are down in the current quarter by 15 percent, and the Fort Worth, Texas retailer has closed hundreds of stores. Wall Street has all sorts of answers for why this Corner Electronic Geekfest Gathering Spot is failing, and they wonder whyMORE HERE