REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – A group in Redwood City, Calif. failed to save a landmark sign that was the marker for the headquarters of Ampex, the nation’s pioneer maker of audio and video recorders. Through the latter part of the 20th century, the word Ampex was synonymous with technology leadership andMORE HERE

The news that there were numerous bidders for the remnants of Radio Shack includes the fact of a joint Sprint/Radio Shack deal that came to the press in February. The bid aims to keep a half-skeleton of the stores alive, and use them as a place to promote Sprint wireless.MORE HERE

LONDON – The recent Diamond Jubilee has given the venerable recording brand Decca a figurative Royal Warrant and imprimateur through the Andrew Lloyd Webber single “Sing” by Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth Band featuring Military Wives. In the last two decades, record brands have been largely ignored by recording companies.MORE HERE

One of the most venerable names in American inventing and entrepreneurship is Powell Crosley (1886-1961), an innovator who is credited with the first economy car, the first fax machine and the first lighted baseball field. Pictured here is the Crosley car, seen at an auto show on St. Armand’s CircleMORE HERE

In the heyday of the turntable, there were many great brand names. The turntable was the next step from the Hi-Fi (made by folks like Zenith and Philco Ford), and a turntable and receiver perfectly matched the era of the LP, when audio quality began to be an issue whenMORE HERE

The television remote is a generic thing, but at one time, it was exclusively connected to one brand, Zenith, now part of Korea’s LG. Zenith had Space Command, attributed to Robert Adler (1913-2007) and introduced in 1956. Later, the remote became ubiquitous for all TVs, but the Space Command forMORE HERE

There are only a few legacy electronics companies that still operate under their own brand; great names like Sperry, Burroughs, Hallicrafters and such have been merged into other companies or disappeared. Thankfully, Motorola (NYSE: MOT) is still around, though the company appears to be drifting. One great name that hasMORE HERE